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Winter can wreak havoc on our bodies leaving our skin feeling dry and our body dehydrated. Here are 5 simple ways to stay hydrated in winter.

Stay Hydrated in winter with these 5 easy steps

1. Establish a daily drinking goal

This is an easy one to do. Research indicates we need to drink 2L of water a day. There are many apps available to track your water intake. A simple way to track your water intake is to carry a water bottle with you. We have a black insulated water bottle if you are looking for a new one. It keeps your drinks icy cold and feels great in your hand due to the rubber feel coating.

2. Replace the water that you lose

During physical activity we loose water through sweat. Before you undertake any exercise ensure you are adequately hydrated. During the workout drink consume some fluids. There is no magic number of how much to drink as it depends on the duration, intensity, weather and type of clothes worn. As a general rule the goal is to prevent fluid loss of greater than 2% body weight. Post workout the goal is to replace lost water and electrolytes. If you are looking for a hydrating post workout drink Protein Water is a fantastic option. If you’ve been training hard you should also consider replacing the electrolytes you use through sweat. VPA Lyte Capsules are a fantastic option.

3. Layer your clothes

Whether you are working out or just rugging up, the golden rule is to layer yourself in breathable clothes. The key goal of this is to prevent perspiration, thus dehydration.

4. Eat hydrating foods

There are many healthy hydrating foods to eat during the cooler months, homemade soup is a great example. Certain fruits and vegetables also contain a lot of water such as apples, pears, citrus, brocolli and celery. The added benefit of these consuming hydrating fruit and veg is many contain Vitamin C which helps boost immunity.

5. Drink warm fluids

The benefit of consuming warm fluids during winter is that one it increases your fluid intake, but it also has the benefit of warming the body up. Fluids such as green tea or VPAs own Hot Protein Delight are great choices. Having said that drinking a lot of coffee is not the answer!! Caffeine is a diuretic and will make you got to the toilet more frequently therefore dehydrating your body.

In winter the thirst response decreases due to the cooler temperatures, but as you can see from the 5 simple steps above, it’s easy to keep your body hydrated in winter and functioning at its optimum.

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Anna Timms

Anna Timms (BSc) is a university qualified scientist and VPA staff member.  Her favourite VPA product is Sour Worms Protein Water.