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If you don’t already know by now, 2020 is a leap year! This once-every-four-year phenomenon makes it quite a special day because we have an extra 24 hours to spend (and it just so happens to fall on a weekend)! So, how are you spending your Leap Day?

If you’re not sure, here’s some suggestion:

  1. Climb a mountain

You’ve probably had this down on your bucket list for the longest time, and the world just gave you an extra day to finally do it!

Australia has some of the most scenic trails that make a really good hike and outdoor experience to share with friends and family. This amazing list curated by Travel Insider may range from easy to difficult so best prepare your hiking essentials.

  1. Call an old friend or better yet, go out and see them

There is nothing more important than being present in the lives of the people you love. So what better way to spend your leap day catching up with old friends or simply surrounding yourself with family.

  1. Do something you’ve been putting off

When was the last time you did something for the first time? This quote reminds us that we need to be learning new things and experiencing new adventures.

Why not spend your extra day doing something you’ve been wanting to do but never had the time? Let’s get that done! Whether it’s trying new recipes in the kitchen, enrolling yourself in a yoga or art class in your neighborhood, or even trying out some of the new flavours you’ve been eyeing on forever from our range of products 😏, leap year and day is the perfect time shake it off a bit and try something new.

Have you tried our new Protein Water Sour Worms? See what the rave is about here.

You’ll definitely thank yourself tomorrow!

  1. Get your healthy on

Start investing in your health and start a healthy routine. If you’re not already doing this but have chanced upon this article, chances are your foot is already in the door. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic as good habits always start with the little things.

Check out our quick supplement guide to match the goals you’ve set and see results.

  1. Slow down

Sometimes spending your extra 24 hours on some much needed “me” time can be a great way to celebrate the leap day! Get a really good massage or just kick it back at home with a good book or a good movie. We can’t stress enough how important recovery is! 😉

You’ll come back to work feeling refreshed and ready to kick it.

Tell us, how will you be spending your Leap Day?

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