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Release Date: May 2020

The VPA order tracker is an efficient and faster way for you to track your orders.

What’s new?

  1. Receive images of your package as soon as it is packed! Thanks to our amazing IT staff, we will now email you an image of your order as soon as it’s packed by our dispatch team. (images are sent out every 2 hrs so please be patient).
  2. Order tracking – you will be able to view the status of your order on our website as well as click on a link to go directly to the couriers tracking page for your order to see if they are any delays/issues etc.
  3. Reorder functionality – you asked and we listened. You can now reorder (items will be added to your cart) from prior orders to make checkout even faster!

Where do I find the VPA Order Tracker?

I ordered over 20kg but I only received one image?

  • Due to the restrictions in our algorithm only your first package image will be sent out to you so don’t stress. For large orders (including wholesale) orders, you will only receive the image for your first carton.

Does this apply to wholesale orders as well as retail orders?

  • Yes. Please note that F45 and Anytime Fitness email servers do have size restrictions on some attachments so images may not come through.

Where do you get the status updates from?

  • We use an API connected to our couriers (Fastway and Australia Post) to get status updates, so unfortunately we are at the whim of our couriers in terms of information that we can provide.

Does this apply to international orders as well?

  • Yes it does.
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