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Episode 1: Darren McMullan

Today’s guest Darren McMullan, was the host of The Voice in Australia but more recently created the show Fitness Fanatic. Anthony Bourdain described his show No Reservations, as a looking glass into different places and cultures through food. Darren says Fitness Fanatic aims to do the same but through the following the NFL across America. “Everywhere you go in America the food is different, the culture is different”.

#1 Darren McMullen

Darren McMullan, TV Presenter, Actor. Host of The Voice, and Creator of the show Football Fanatic gives us an insight into staying fit in the busy world of show business.



The Mindful Fitness Podcast with Tegan Haining

Tegan is a globally respected Health & Wellness Expert. She has been a Personal Trainer for over 10 years and has trained celebrity clients such as David Beckham, Natalie Imbruglia and Jess Gomes. She recently published her book The 7 Day Quickie aiming to re-energise readers bodies and minds and kickstart their fitness. The Mindful Fitness Podcast is her latest project for 2019.



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