Episode #9 – Joe Gibara

 Transformational Coach that specialises in Self Esteem. He is the Founder of the Esteem Project that’s based here in Sydney and recently expanded to America.

Joe’s first principle that he teaches is ownership. If you don’t take 100% ownership you can’t take on new information, because continually you are going to be blaming, and justifying your own core actions.

His teaching of
E + R = O
Event + Response = Outcome
Allows us to take ownership.

The event plus the way you respond equals your outcome.
Once you understand that everything is an event, even your thoughts… how you respond to is going to determine what outcome you’re going to get. For fitness, for health, for everything in life!

Everyone wants to be successful.
If you want to step out of the rat race, you need to not do average things.
You need to do extraordinary things. So your rituals play a massive part in how much you want to get out of that rat race.

The Mindful Fitness Podcast with Tegan Haining

Tegan is a globally respected Health & Wellness Expert. She has been a Personal Trainer for over 10 years and has trained celebrity clients such as David Beckham, Natalie Imbruglia and Jess Gomes. She recently published her book The 7 Day Quickie aiming to re-energise readers bodies and minds and kickstart their fitness. The Mindful Fitness Podcast is her latest project for 2019.