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We are so happy to announce that VPA is now the proud supplement supplier and partner of the Queensland Reds.

The performance Dietitian of the QLD Reds (Sally Bauman) was so impressed with the VPA range and the extent of our testing and certification, she reached out to us to request that we partner with the Reds as their official supplement provider.

“I really enjoy working with VPA to understand the different products and how they are formulated so that I know when I am prescribing products to our athletes that they are going to work and also meet all of our requirements. VPA has been great in ensuring that everything that we are doing is helping our players perform at their highest level.”  – Sally Beauman.

Rugby is an extremely physical sport and requires athletes to be in peak psychical shape, combining maximum strength with maximum endurance. To help the athletes achieve this performance they stick to strict diets and apart of this diet includes quality supplements designed for their physical needs and goals. Here are the key products that the QLD Reds use on a daily basis:

Protein Powders:

Whey Isolate is used after training for the players who are trying to stay lean or lose body fat since it is so low in calories and delivers a very fast supply of protein after tough workouts. Muscle Gainer for the athletes who are trying to gain weight or burn a lot of calories through the day.

Performance Enhancers:

PRE30 before workouts and games to increase energy and nutrient delivery. BCAA’s to fuel muscles during exercises and to enhance hydration.

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