With December approaching, it’s that time of year where we have non-stop Christmas parties and end of year events, and that’s all before we even get to that indulgent week encompassing Christmas and New Years Eve. For those trying to lose weight, maintain weight, or fuel a training regime, this time of year can be accompanied by a lot of anxiety and confusion.  With this in mind, here are my top tips for Staying Fit Through the Festive Season without gaining a belly that makes you resemble Santa Clause.

1. Eat before you go to yet another Christmas party.

If you only have one Christmas party this season, by all means, go and enjoy all of the food on offer. However, if like me, you have multiple Christmas and break up parties, you might be needing some strategies for staying fit through the festive season without constantly overeating. It’s definitely not ideal to go to a Christmas party with the intention of not eating much, but then failing, or succeeding and spending the night hungry and deprived. To avoid this situation, my tip is to eat a big, satisfying and tasty meal at about 3-4pm, and then reap the benefit of being so totally full that in the evening you are content to have some food here and there, but can control your overeating and binging.

A beautiful steak sandwich is my foolproof meal for this purpose. Load it up with salad and a generous piece of steak and you’re not going to be hungry for hours. This recipe and photo are from HERE.

2. If you’re going to overeat, make it worth it.

I’m not going to lie to you; you WILL overeat some days, especially Christmas Day. This is absolutely ok. Just like one day of eating a 100% healthy diet with a big calorie deficit isn’t going to make you skinny, one day of overindulgence isn’t going to ruin your progress or make you put on weight. What I would encourage you to think about though, is what you want to indulge on. Is a bag of chips, cheap chocolate and some soft drink really worth overeating for? No, it’s not. Why not try some of our delicious recipes that use VPA protein as a healthy alternative?


3. Put food away in between meal and snack times.

Having dips, crackers, chocolates and lollies sitting out in the kitchen in full view is a recipe for mindless over-eating. Put them away in between meal times, even on Christmas Day, and try and limit your eating to the usual times.

4. Have some delicious low energy or high protein foods on hand.

Salads don’t have to be boring, and some beautifully presented and delicious salads available on Christmas Day will go a long way to helping you keep your energy intake down. You can also choose to make healthy alternatives to all of your favourite treats, you can find a large collection of tasty and healthy treats on our YouTube channel HERE .  Also, try using tasty protein shakes to keep you full and less likely to snack on all of those naughty foods that seem to always be lying around during the festive season. Check out the wide range of tasty flavours of our popular Premium Whey HERE 


I hope these tips for staying fit through the festive season serve you well, and your New Years Resolution can be something other than ‘Lose all the weight I gained in 2018’!