Unfortunately from time to time, mis-information is sometimes a part of business and in light of this we have created this page to bust any myths in relation to the VPA Australia brand.

If you would like clarification in relation to anything in relation to the VPA Australia brand, please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us on 1300 669 264. We have a team of customer service staff (M-F 9am-4.30pm) that are more than willing to answer your queries and quash any misinformation that you may have received. For legal clarification we may also request the source of said information.

VPA Australia changed names for legal reasons

  • Absolutely not. Our name change in 2016 was due to the fact that we were unable to trademark the “Venom” brand in Asia (translates into “poison”, which was deemed against the peace). There was absolutely no change in ownership or malicious reason for our name change. We are now proud to say that VPA Australia is a registered trademark in 44 countries around the world. See the map below for a full list of countries.

VPA Australia’s prices are lower because they use cheaper ingredients. 

  • In fact it’s the complete opposite! By completing the vertical integration (sourcing, manufacture and distribution model), VPA Australia allows you, the consumer, to receive the highest quality ingredients at the best possible price in Australia. By having three distribution centres in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane), we are also able to supply products with the fastest possible delivery times and the lowest shipping prices in the industry.  VPA Australia is manufactured in an Export Registered Dairy Facility (Establishment # 2795) which sets us apart from most online retailers. We are HACCP, GMP and ISO 9000 certified. We also test our products regularly with third parties such as the National Measurement Institute and HASTA.
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VPA Australia was previously owned by Redbak Australia

  • We have absolutely no affiliation or connection to the Redbak brand in Australia and never have.


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