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A protein shaker bottle is designed to help you mix your protein shakes easier and more efficiently. It goes without the hassle of depending on a mixer or blender. Using a protein shaker bottle also saves you so much prep time and won’t leave you with more kitchen duty clean up.

Shaker bottles also help with eliminating those lumpy protein powders that often go unblended when using a normal water bottle, guaranteeing you a smooth and palatable mixture.

With our years of accumulated scientific knowledge of supplements and the overall lifestyle surrounding the sports industry, VPA Australia provides you with high quality accessories to complement our top-quality protein supplements. We are confident that we carry some of the best protein shakers online for a good price with some standout features.

Our range of protein shakers and bottles may slightly vary in color, size, and features and, but we guarantee the quality in these and that they’re the perfect accessory to your best days in training.

Here’s our range of protein shakers & bottles

The Classic Green VPA Shaker

There is nothing like getting yourself the classic VPA shaker. Anyone who has been with us for the longest time has probably gotten themselves one of these. To this day, it never fails! This iconic VPA shaker is made from high-quality durable plastic and comes with a blending ball.

This shaker comes only in 700ml, which is more than perfect for an easy grab and go bottle for your protein shakes, thick smoothies, water or pre-workouts.

2. The Limited Edition Navy Blue & Pink Stainless-Steel Shakers

We’ve had a number of shaker ideas to go through and for this we decided to add some new colours to the VPA spectrum. When we first released this, the crowd went nuts. (really!) These shakers come in 600ml liquid capacity and it has a short and stout build, which makes it such a cute companion to the gym.

However, these guys are a huge step from our classic Green Shakers. They are stainless-steel so you can be sure that your beverage stays colder or hot for longer. A stand-out feature that’s introduced here is also the mixing mechanism built into the shaker’s lid. 100% leak-proof and no more misplaced blender balls!

3. Matte Black & Grey Stainless-Steel Shaker

A great safe choice. If you are not big on colour, we are sure this one is perfect for you. With the same features found on our Navy Blue & Pink Shakers, these are stainless- steel and also 100% leak proof with a built-in mixing mechanism on the lid. This comes in 800ml liquid capacity, which is the largest from our range of shakers.

4. The 750ml Stainless Steel Bottle

This one’s the newest addition to our range of protein shakers and bottles. Featuring a matte finish with durable rubber-like texture, this minimal bottle is a sleek companion to bring to in every occasion. You can best rely on this insulated bottle to keep your favourite beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. What a keeper!

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What other accessories does VPA have?

The VPA Magnetic Towel ensures the cleanliness of your gym towel by having a ‘magnetic zone’. Our new towel enables you to hang your towel on any metallic surface in the gym. How cool is that?

VPA Australia have recently released our VPA Magnetic Towel.

The VPA Magnetic Towel ensures the cleanliness of your gym towel by having a ‘magnetic zone’. Our new towel enables you to hang your towel on any metallic surface in the gym. How cool is that?

This sounds awesome! I’d like to know more.

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