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How does the VPA referral system work?

Every single VPA customer (domestic and international) has a link and referral code which they can pass onto ANYONE on the planet. Every new to us customer that you refer will receive 15% off their first order and you will receive $15 referral credit that you can use to spend on supplements, or accumulate and withdraw as cash once you hit $300.

Is there a limit on referral income?

Nope, the more new customers that you refer to VPA, the more your account will grow.

Can I post my referral code/link on international forums?

You sure can. VPA is one of very few export registered dairy suppliers (in the health and fitness industry) and ships internationally.

Can I have my referral income paid out via cash?

For referral incomes greater than $300 (20 new customers), we will look to refund proceeds to an Australian bank account. Please contact us at [email protected] with your (BSB/Account), once you have received this level of referral income. Your referrals will be checked before the cash payout is processed. We are not able to facilitate this for international clients at present, so please do not request this.

Does the VPA referral system work for international clients?

Yes it sure does, so get referring. VPA is an export registered dairy supplier and ships internationally.

What is the best way to share my coupon code?

PT’s – SMS or email your link to all of your clients.

International forums – VPA now ships internationally (including NZ, USA, UK, China and India). If you truly believe in the VPA brand, please feel free to post referral codes in such forums.

Friends and Family Members – SMS or email your link to family and friends.

Work mates and Colleagues – SMS/Email to your work mates. You could post your referral code on work noticeboards.

Coupon websites – please note that we DO NOT allow for referral codes to be entered into coupon sites or app extentions such as Honey. Any income derived from such links will be removed and referral codes cancelled.

Instagram and Social Media – these are great places to honestly refer others to our brand. Please only do so if you truly believe that we are the best Health and Supplement supplier in Australia!

Does the  VPA referral system have an expiry date?

We reserve the right to make changes and/or cancel the referral system at any time. Referral income has a12 month life from date of receipt. You can view your “referral income history” in your online account.

Can the VPA referral system be applied retrospectively?

Unfortunately not, so please don’t request this. We are extremely appreciative of the word of mouth referrals that we have received to date, but it would simply not be possible to allocate retrospectively to various accounts, which you can understand.

Can referral income be used to pay for shipping?

Yes it sure can.

Can referral income be used with any other coupons?

Yes it can. Referral income can be used with other coupon codes.

Can referral income be used with purchases made anywhere aside from

Unfortunately not, referral income can only be used at not at retailers of VPA Australia products.

I have referred a customer to VPA and they have made a purchase but I have not received my $15 credit.

This could be a for a number of reasons:

1. They may have not been a NEW customer. Unfortunately, due to systematic referral code abuse, it is simply NOT possible to allow $15 to be credited to any purchase. Our referral system ONLY works if the person that you refer is a NEW customer to VPA.

2. They have clicked on another referral code prior to purchase, due to the nature of tracking code, the very last referral link clicked (or entered) will be credited for the referral.

What is deemed to be a new customer?

Someone who has not created an account or made a purchase at in the past.




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