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Chia Health Drink: Its Benefits And Why You Should Grab One Now

December 01, 2021 3 min read

Chia Health Drink: Its Benefits And Why You Should Grab One Now

Do you want to add a healthy and nutritious drink to your everyday diet?

Do you want to add a drink to your diet that's refreshingly good for you?

Do you want a beverage that's full of antioxidants, protein and nutrients?

Drink our Chia Health Drink and take the 30-day challenge to feel the difference!

Chia seeds are an ancient food with many benefits. Some say that they originated in South America, but there is evidence that it could have come from the Mayans because of the Aztec culture connection.

No matter where they originated, Chia seeds are known for their health benefits and antioxidants, making them perfect for a health drink.

Chia is a great source of protein and omega-3s

Many people are turning to Chia for their dietary needs of protein. They are not only a good source of protein, but they are also a great source of Omega 3s. They have Omega 3 and 6, two fatty acids that are essential for good health.

This makes Chia provide an easy way to consume more protein, and they also make it easier to get the recommended amounts of Omega 3 and 6, which can be hard to get from other foods alone.

They are an excellent alternative to animal protein if you are trying to limit your saturated fat intake. Protein is essential for all humans, but it is essential if you are active or exercising. Omega-3s help with heart health, skin conditions, mood, and mental health. All this from a healthy drink!

Chia is an excellent source of fibre that help with digestion and help your body absorb nutrients better

Fibre is vital for the digestive system and controlling blood sugar levels and can help lower cholesterol levels too. This makes a high-fibre diet an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

Chia seeds are an excellent source of fibre. This fibre can assist you with your weight loss goals. Due to the drink’s composition, the other sources of nutrition are better absorbed by the body. This is because the Chia seeds absorb water and swell when it reaches your stomach. This allows for other food sources to be better digested by the digestive system.

Its soluble fibre absorbs water and expands in your stomach, which helps slow down digestion. This is also the reason that it helps prevent spikes in your blood sugar levels.

Chia can provide an energy boost and give you more stamina

Chia slows down the absorption of carbohydrates. This means that the body will utilize carbohydrates as a form of energy for a certain period. This provides sustained energy throughout the day without the sugar rush/crash that often accompanies refined carbohydrates such as sugar or white flour.

What makes Chia Health Drink the perfect way to give your body an energy boost is its amino acids. Amino acids provide fuel for your muscles to perform better during workouts, leading to improved muscle development and improved metabolism.

Another benefit of adding the drink into your diet is that you will maintain a healthy weight, as that amino acid supply will help you avoid overeating throughout the day.

Chia can reduce hunger


Chia has been a long-time favourite for those looking to lose weight. However, recent studies have shown that this can reduce hunger and help with weight loss!

A study proved that eating foods with chia seeds had increased the level of satiety. They showed increased fullness up to 90 minutes after meal.

This means that those who consume Chia may decrease their calorie intake without even realizing it!

Our Chia Health Drink can provide you with the benefits of chia seeds in liquid form. With two flavours to choose from: lemon and grapes, you will surely enjoy every sip!

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