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Turmeric Health Drink: Benefits From This New Liquid Craze

November 30, 2021 3 min read

Turmeric Health Drink: Benefits From This New Liquid Craze

In a world where one can get sick at any time, who isn't looking for a way to stay healthy all year round? Our Turmeric Health Drink has a powerful blend of ingredients that will help boost your immune system and help your body fight off illnesses.

Whether you need an immunity booster or want to challenge yourself with a month-long detox program, try our Turmeric Health Drink. It is a convenient and nourishing way to take care of yourself.

Our drink comes in two delicious flavours- Banana and Vanilla. So, there's something for every taste sensation. Take the 30-day challenge today for full benefits!

Turmeric is a bright yellow-orange spice that comes from the root of a plant. It not only tastes and smells great but also offers many health benefits.

The health benefits of turmeric are largely due to its chemical compounds, called curcuminoids. These compounds are what give it its distinctive orange yellow colour and also help provide its health benefits. One of these compounds is curcumin, which gives turmeric much of its antioxidant properties and helps prevent inflammation in your body.

Here are what these compounds can do for you:

Provide Antioxidants


Turmeric is a spice that contains a chemical called curcumin. Curcumin is a strong antioxidant.

The term “antioxidant” is often used to refer to a substance that blocks the oxidation of other substances. Oxidation is an essential process because it allows living organisms to breathe. However, too much oxidation can damage cells and even cause them to die.

Antioxidants are substances that prevent or delay this damage by either preventing the oxidation from occurring or by removing the oxidized cells before they can cause any harm. That’s how valuable antioxidants are, and thankfully, turmeric has lots of them!

Increase metabolism


Turmeric has been shown to have measurable effects on your metabolism by increasing your body’s ability to use fat for fuel instead of sugar. The spicy root can also help you feel full longer, making it easier to lose weight by avoiding overeating or snacking between meals.

The fat cells are most receptive to taking up sugar after eating high glycemic foods, typically rich in calories. Curcumin has been shown to reduce the uptake of sugar. This is how this active ingredient help adults who are obese lose weight by improving the way the body processes sugar and decreasing fat accumulation.

Strengthen Immune System


Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. These properties are responsible for making sure that your immune system is functioning well.

By making sure to decrease any inflammation in your body allows you to fight back any health issues. It helps fight off diseases by strengthening your body’s natural defences.

Ease inDigestion


Turmeric is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which can be beneficial to your digestive system. Turmeric has been found to help with digestion by reducing inflammation of the digestive tract and regulating stomach acid production.

Improve Focus and Concentration


Curcumin, the major function of Turmeric, has been found to help cognitive function in several ways.

Turmeric helps focus and concentration by working on inflammation in the brain, lessening oxidative stress and promoting cellular health. It also has compounds that induce the production of alpha waves in the brain. Alpha waves are associated with cognitive function and mental clarity.

Those are only a handful of what turmeric can help the body with. There are countless more. Due to the number of benefits that one can get from Turmeric, VPA decided to make it easier for you to have access to it and create a drink that you can bring on the go!

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