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VPA Air Freshener - Odour Enhancer

March 31, 2021 1 min read

VPA Air Freshener - Odour Enhancer-VPA Australia

It’s been a little over a year since the COVID-19 lockdowns took the world by storm and has put everything at a halt.We were all left to keep moving and stay fit in our homes. But sometimes the sweet nostalgia of the good old days at the gym hit hard. 

VPA Australia recognizes the power of scents to stimulate the senses and bring the full gym experience at home. Our teamhas worked with various scent specialiststo recreate the perfect environment that everyone recognizes and enjoys. 

VPA Air Freshener - Odour Enhancer

Sweet Odours of Nostalgia

January Gym

Summer HIIT

Disclaimer: Scents may have a strong but subtle note of pungency. 

Enjoy our two distinct scents in our air freshener range.

Infused with real sweat and tears,guaranteed to enhanceodour and re-energize the senses. 

Long lasting odours

Wide coverage in one spray

Boost energy, intensity, and focus

Completes the home gym environment

Improves sleep after a workout

VPA Air Freshener is best paired with:

Limited Edition - Bronze to Black Colour Changing Shaker

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