Cate and Bronte Campbell - VPA Sponsored Athletes


VPA: Hey Cate and Bronte. Welcome to VPA!

Cate: Thanks, it's great to finally see where all the magic happens, this place is so big.

VPA: Thanks, there’s a lot of powder that moves through here! The team are really excited to have you guys on board.

Bronte: So are we! We'd heard a lot about VPA over the years, so it's really cool to now be working with you guys.

Cate: I've been hearing your radio ads for years!

VPA: Well we'll have to get you guys to do a few of those ads for us soon! So given that you are both professional swimmers, nutrition and supplements must be a big part of your daily regime?

Cate: It’s a huge aspect of what we do around our training and especially to prepare for big events. Diet and exercise are the most important parts of our training but VPA helps us recover and recovery is a huge part of our training as well.

Bronte: When we’re not in the pool or in the gym, most of our time goes into eating and recovery. We have voracious appetites.

"I’m loving their Pre-workout, it gives me plenty of energy for my early morning training!” - Bronte Campbell

VPA: What do you do outside of the pool?

Cate: I'm into making my own Kombucha tea at the moment.

Bronte: Learning the guitar is something that takes my mind of the pool.

VPA: What are you thinking about when you’re on those start blocks?

Cate: Nothing really. I’ve done all the hard work prior to that. It’s just me and the thin black line from that point onwards.

VPA: Is swimming the most important thing in your life?

Cate: No way. It’s family first for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love swimming but it’s my family that I love the most.

VPA: Our brand slogan is ”Choose your Destiny”. What does that mean to you?

Cate: Yes we love that. I’m a firm believer that we all have a different destiny and it’s our responsibility to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. Not someone else on instagram or some celebrity but the best version of ourselves that we can become.

VPA: Great. That’s the culture and ethos which we believe in as well. Well, out of all the other supplement companies you have tried, why did you guys choose VPA?

Cate: Well for myself, initially it was the flavour, easily the best tasting products I've ever tried. but once I started looking into how much the brand values purity and integrity, we were definitely won over.

Bronte: Yes, same here, I've been hooked on that iced coffee protein since you first sent us those samples. Which made me think that it couldn't be too healthy since it was so nice.

VPA: Thanks for the kind words, it's great to know athletes like yourselves think so highly of what we do here! So can you tell us a bit more about the supplements you take and why you take them?

Bronte: Yes sure, well we're both very similar regarding our training and our nutrition so we almost take the same products and have a similar daily routine, but for myself I take three products. So I start my day with the breakfast shake, I love how easy it is to get the high protein, quality fats, and real oats in one drink, plus it tastes so good, I look forward to it every morning. And I take the WPI for recovery and the preworkout if I’m doing a gym session.

"Easily the best tasting products I've ever tried!" - Cate Campbell

VPA: Great, and Cate do you take anything different to Bronte?

Cate: No I take all of those products but I also like to sip on the BCAA's throughout the day, I find it helps out with my recovery and because it tastes so good it helps me drink more water. I've been switching between the peach iced tea and the raspberry flavours.

VPA: Well we're so glad that you are enjoying all the products and that they have been able to help you with your swimming. Before we finish up is there anything you would want to say to someone that is looking to change their destiny through health and fitness.

Cate: Just do it. Do it now. Join a gym or a swimming or running club and get out there. It’s your body, you’re responsible for it. Love it , eat well and enjoying getting the most out of life. Oh yes and make sure you take a VPA shake after your training!

"I love how easy it is to get the high protein, quality fats, and real oats in one drink!" - Bronte Campbell

VPA: Thanks for coming in guys. It was great to chat, did you guys need any more products while you were here?

Cate: We actually just got a new order a few days ago so we are all stocked up and thanks for sending that out!

VPA: Great! Thanks again.

"There is a huge difference in my recovery when I take the protein powder after training!" - Bronte Campbell

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