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For many reasons, including dedication to a vegan lifestyle or digestive intolerance for dairy, many of our customers prefer non whey protein. VPA Australia offers a wide selection of the best non whey protein powder available.

To ensure that our customers are well-informed on our no whey products and what you can substitute for whey protein powder, we have included answers to our most frequently asked questions.


Most seeking non whey protein powder products do so because of the ingredient’s origin. Whey comes from the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained. Those following vegan lifestyles or who suffer from lactose intolerance need the best non whey proteins to bring the same benefits. For these valued customers, VPA Australia delivers.

VPA offers several proven effective no whey protein powder alternatives. These include:

  • Colostrum
  • Egg proteins
  • Pea proteins (a good source of the important amino acid arginine)

These are great alternatives when you're asking, "What can you substitute for whey protein powder?"

Anyone can improve health and well-being with one of our whey or no whey products.

Our product ambassadors can attest that VPA shakes work in multiple ways according to individual needs. Those engaged in heavy or light physical training can take multiple shakes per day, according to directions. The shakes will help to maintain energy and promote muscle development.

Those seeking to lose weight can also enjoy the benefits by substituting a shake for a snack.

Experts agree that protein shakes can add benefits to a number of people. We see the most benefits for the following types of users:

  • Those seeking to better manage weight
  • Those seeking to build more muscle
  • Athletes or manual labourers needing recovery from intense exertion
  • Older adults who do not get enough nutritional protein in daily diets

We welcome customers and site guests to reach out with any questions about our product health benefits.

VPA Australia protein shake flavours, unlike most supplements, are all crafted inhouse. They must pass our own strict standards for taste and best results. Our varieties include non whey products, for example, designed specifically to warm you up in cold weather or to appeal to chocolate lovers.

We have total confidence in our product line, being the only supplement to allow customer reviews on our own site.

Our health-boosting products all come with a 100 percent purity and satisfaction guarantee. If you return any product with more than 90 percent still intact, you will receive your money back.

We have a comprehensive set of frequently asked questions elsewhere on our site. Please check with this list if you have any issues or questions for immediate answers.

You can order our no whey protein powder products just as you would order from any online marketplace: simply click on the product and add it to your cart as a one-time or subscription purchase, then head to checkout. For your convenience, we offer buy-now-pay-later options from Afterpay and Zip.

We provide numerous ways to get in touch for those eager to learn more about our products. Our team in Australia responds quickly to chat requests, social media messages, and email.

Whilst VPA Australia will cater to individual customers, we also serve as a wholesaler providing the best quality supplements to health stores and other retail outlets. Contact us today for more information.

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