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Protein Based Desserts

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VPA Protein Ball Mix is a convenient way to create tasty and healthy protein ball snacks. A range of protein sources and natural ingredients have been included to maintain a wholesome and delicious snack replacement for any occasion...
$ 17 .95

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How VPA’s Hot Chocolate Optimises Your SoulVPA’s Hot Chocolate is the ideal winter warmer for those cold evenings, or for those who want a little something sweet without the extra fats and carbohydrates. Don't reach for the high calorie dense milo ..
$ 22 .00

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Got a sweet tooth? Looking for a dessert option that won't ruin your macros? Our new Protein Mousse is just for you! Protein Mousse is high in protein (27.1g), low in carbohydrates (4.1g), low in fat (3.8g) and comes in three delicious flavours. Simp..
$ 26 .00

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