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A throwback to the 80’s workout craze, aerobicshas since evolved from Jane Fonda working up a sweat in one piece stripped leotards,to gyms now offering a wide range of aerobics classes. But one thing thathasn’t changed over the past 30+ years of aerobics is the workout you get fromthis style of aint easy! So we need to ensure we are feeding ourbodies the nutrients to recover, so we can spend more time getting in shape andless time with sore muscle and joints!

When you are training at a high intensity yourbody needs the support to ensure it can repair itself and fuel you through theday, so the combination of a fast digesting BCAA for during and after yourclasses, plus a lean and pure WPI throughout the day will ensure your body isfed the protein and amino acids it requires to recover and grow strong. Butduring these classes we are working hard to keep moving, this means a lot ofsweating...

When we sweat we lose a lot of electrolytes andthis can cause unnecessary dehydration which comes with a wide range ofnegative side effects. So to ensure this doesn’t happen we want to hydrate andkeep our electrolytes high. This is where our electrolyte powder or Lyte-caps(electrolytes in caps) can really help. But during all the moving, jumping andsweating, our joints are working overtime! This is why we need to feed ourjoints with a high quality fish oil, lubricating those joints to move freely. 

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How VPA’s Grass Fed WPI optimises you Because we source our WPI from the finest New Zealand  Grass Fed hormone free cattle, you can expect results from our WPI that reflect the scientific findings whi..
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HOW BCAA-7000 OPTIMISES YOUBCAA 7000 is not just another flavoured BCAA formula, this innovative performance and recovery product was engineered specifically for athletes. By sourcing the purest high quality BCAA’s and combining them with L-Gluta..
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How VPA’s Lyte-Caps Caps optimises you VPA’s Lyte-Caps combines the essential electrolytes to replenish your body after intense exercise. When exercising, these nutrients are generally lost through sweating, especially when exercising in hot weath..
$ 27 .00

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