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Know as the world game, soccer (or football) hosts the world’s most watched sporting event, the World Cup. Because of the sports large following and huge participation, the competition to be the best is incredibly high. Soccer athletes need to be strong, fast, skilled, and extremely fit, and to achieve this they undergo hours of strenuous training every week to improve. Because of all this training, soccer athletes require a wide range of nutritional supplements to allow them to stay healthy and recover quickly.

Prior to training or a game they will consume an energy drink to give them the energy and vital amino acids to maximise their output for the full game. During, they will replace their fluids with an electrolyte drink, and after they will drink BCAA’s to optimise their recovery window. Due to all the running, jumping, kicking and sharp angle changes soccer players are at high risk of knee and ankle joint injury, this is why soccer athletes consumer high quality fish oil capsules daily. Throughout the day they will choose to drink a complete protein source (33.33.33) to feed their muscle between meals, and ensure they are constantly in a growth and repair state. 

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HOW BCAA-7000 OPTIMISES YOUBCAA 7000 is not just another flavoured BCAA formula, this innovative performance and recovery product was engineered specifically for athletes. By sourcing the purest high quality BCAA’s and combining them with L-Gluta..
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How VPA’s Grass Fed Complete Protein Blend optimises youWith an even ratio of WPI, WPC and Micellar Casein our Complete Protein Blend delivers your body the ideal time released protein source to keep your mus..
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