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Traditionally surfing was associated with a laid back and carefree attitude towards life, and although if definitely is one of the more aesthetic and enjoyable lifestyle sports, it has recently become an extremely competitive and athletic endeavour. Surf athletes are now treated like some of the world’s best sports stars, with full teams of professionals who look after them and ensure they are working at their full capacity. One aspect of this professional regime is nutrition and supplementation.

Because surfers can be out for hours on end, paddling against strong waters, and using the full force of their legs and core muscles to ride waves with power, they will often take an energy drink (PRE-30) to fuel their bodies. They will also consume an electrolyte drink to replace the fluids they have lost through sweat. After a big session they will use BCAA’s to ensure they are recovering fast, and they will drink a high quality complete protein (33.33.33) through the day to support their muscles. To keep their knees and ankles strong they will consume fish oil capsules every day. 

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HOW BCAA-7000 OPTIMISES YOUBCAA 7000 is not just another flavoured BCAA formula, this innovative performance and recovery product was engineered specifically for athletes. By sourcing the purest high quality BCAA’s and combining them with L-Gluta..
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How VPA’s Grass Fed Complete Protein Blend optimises youWith an even ratio of WPI, WPC and Micellar Casein our Complete Protein Blend delivers your body the ideal time released protein source to keep your mus..
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