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Tennis is an extremely fast passed game, requiring both explosive speed and muscular endurance to last through those long and drawn out battles between equally matched players. To reach this level of athleticism tennis players need to train at a very high level almost daily to ensure they can compete at the best of their potential.

Before training or matches, using sports safe pre-workouts (PRE-30) allow tennis players to reach their highest level of output. After matches they will directly consumer to ensure they are recovering quickly, allowing them to get back on the court sooner. During their longer matches and training sessions they will consume an electrolyte drink to replace the fluids they have lost, while during the day they will consume a high quality complex protein powder (33.33.33) feeding their muscles in preparation for the next match. To support their joints and prevent injury they will take high quality fish oil capsules daily. 

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HOW BCAA-7000 OPTIMISES YOUBCAA 7000 is not just another flavoured BCAA formula, this innovative performance and recovery product was engineered specifically for athletes. By sourcing the purest high quality BCAA’s and combining them with L-Gluta..
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How VPA’s Grass Fed Complete Protein Blend optimises youWith an even ratio of WPI, WPC and Micellar Casein our Complete Protein Blend delivers your body the ideal time released protein source to keep your mus..
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How VPA’s Lyte-Caps Caps optimises you VPA’s Lyte-Caps combines the essential electrolytes to replenish your body after intense exercise. When exercising, these nutrients are generally lost through sweating, especially when exercising in hot weath..
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