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The vegan diet is a lifestyle and philosophy that chooses to live by an animal free diet. There are many reasons for choosing this lifestyle, from ethical reasons to digestive issues related with animal products. Although many vegans live a very healthy lifestyle, it can be difficult to acquire the essential nutrients needed to maximise physical efforts. Some of the common nutrient deficiencies found with a vegan diet include protein, iron, and B12, some of the key nutrients found in meat.

Because of this, many vegans choose to use supplements to ensure they are sufficiently supplied with these nutrients to support their health and fitness goals.We have developed many vegan friendly supplements, and many of our VPA athletes who are vegan love using our products to support their performance and training.

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Premium Plant is a 100% natural, powerful recovery protein designed specifically for vegans, to ensure delivery of the full-spectrum of amino acids and the necessary vitamins and minerals vegans often lack.Premium Plant has set the standard for high ..
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* coupons cannot be applied with value packsGet Huge Savings with Vegan Lean Value PackOriginally $152 now only $129, that’s a saving of $23. WHAT DO YOU GET 1kg of Premium Plant Protein 1 x VPA Pre-workout PRE-30 1 x VPA BCAA-70001 x 200g ..
$ 149 .00

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How VPA’s Multi Greens Optimises You VPA’s Multi Greens is a nutritious and tasty blend of Super Greens packed with Wheat Grass, Barley Grass and Spirulina. In addition, we have added multivitamins to deliver an enhanced alkalising effect to contr..
$ 30 .00

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