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VPA Ambassador Terms & Conditions

By becoming a VPA Ambassador or Brand Athlete, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined on this page.

'Brand Athlete' refers to the VPA Ambassador or Athlete. Sponsor refers to VPA Australia (trading as The Ausray Group Pty Ltd).

Both VPA Australia and the Brand Athlete agree to the following terms of agreement:

  • VPA Australia agrees to sponsor the Brand Athlete with supplements on a month to month basis plus referral fees of 10% OFF per new customer, in return for the Brand Athlete endorsing the VPA products to their followers.
  • You're free to choose which products you'd like to try for the first month but it's important to note that products for the following months will be determined by our team and will be different each time so you can get a chance to try out our new products as well as help us promote them when we have new releases.

Brand Athlete Responsibilities

The Brand Athlete agrees to supply the following information by the end of each month:

  • Minimum of 1 Instagram post per month tagging and promoting a VPA product.
  • Multiple active endorsements on their Instagram stories each month.
  • Submit at least one video per month via our video platform. Submissions could include product reviews, favourite products, or challenge entries.
  • Use the referral URL supplied by VPA which will automatically track any new customers you refer to VPA and will apply a 10% OFF referral fee to the Brand Athletes account for every new customer. This URL and referral code can not be shared to coupon sites.
  • Brand athlete includes the VPA URL in their Instagram bio.

The terms of this agreement shall be broken should:

  • The Brand Athlete does anything to bring the company into disrepute during the sponsorship period.
  • The Brand Athlete does anything to tarnish the reputation or brand of the company during and post sponsorship period.
  • The Brand Athlete fails to meet agreement obligations.
  • The Brand Athlete seeks and engage endorsement from another supplement brand or health company prior to advising VPA that they are no longer wanting to be an Athlete.
  • The Brand Athlete publicly endorses other supplement products and brands while being sponsored by VPA.
  • The Brand Athlete no longer meets the requirements for the agreements, including poor brand exposure or poor quality of posts.

There are some important things you need to know about being a VPA Ambassador and our clothing range

  • Supplements are still our main focus so for this reason, and at this stage, we are allowing our VPA ambassadors to maintain relationships with other clothing brands.
  • Images taken for VPA specifically to meet your minimum one image contribution a month cannot be featuring competitor brands including, but not limited to, Ryderwear, Gym Shark, Echt, Muscle Nation. This is because images that feature other brands cannot be reused by us going forward.
  • Other more generic branded clothing, including those with smaller logos, including but not limited to Nike, Adidas etc. may still be permitted at the discretion of our Ambassador Manager.
  • Please do not tag other clothing brands when you are making a VPA tagged post.
  • If you wish to purchase apparel, you can do so by using your store credit or card and receive 20% off using the code AMBASSA-ONLY-20. *Please note that this coupon is for you to use and is not to be passed on to your followers and friends.

Brand Athlete Terms of Agreement

This Brand Athlete Agreement (this “Agreement”), is entered into between the Athlete (“Brand Athlete”) and VPA Australia("Company"). For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties agree as follows:

  1. Services: Brand Athlete will perform certain services in connection with the Company (at least post once per month to Instagram plus stories of VPA or VPA products, using the supplied coupon code).
  2. Compensation: Company shall compensate Brand Athlete and Brand Athlete agrees to accept the compensation set forth in the "sponsorship package" mentioned above and “referral fees” mentioned above.
  3. Ownership Rights: Brand Athlete acknowledges content provided by Brand Athlete (the “Work”) hereby constitutes a “work made for hire” as that term is defined in the Copyright Act and is owned by Company, for all purposes worldwide in perpetuity. Brand Athlete hereby assigns and transfers all right, title, ownership, and interest of the content without any restrictions as to use, to Company. Company may reproduce, distribute, display and use the Work in all media now known or hereafter developed (including without limitation in social media, including without limitation Pinterest), worldwide, in perpetuity, royalty-free and without restriction of any kind. Brand Athlete acknowledges the ownership and validity of the Company’s copyrights, brands, trademarks, trade dress, and patent rights, whether or not created by or contributed to by Brand Athlete.
  4. Brand Athlete ambassador agrees not to attack/criticize VPA Australia and any of its employees, associate or partner publicly (on public forums, blogs, social networks, etc) at any time during or subsequent to contract period. In case of breach of this clause, Brand Athlete agrees to pay for damages to VPA Australia should they occur.

If you have any questions regarding this policy specifically, please contact

sales@vpa.com.au to receive an answer or clarification.

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