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What is VPA My Profile?

  • VPA Australia is a community and like any community it's made up of an eclectic mix of individuals (yourself included). No two individuals are the same and that's what makes us so amazing. Strength through unity and diversity. VPA My profile helps us to treat you as an individual by sending you content, recipes, videos and yes, product suggestions that are applicable to you. We wouldn't expect gym goers to care about their 1RPM and we wouldn't expect power-lifters to tell us about their WOD!  In the same manner, VPA My Profile serves to create, showcase and empower the wonderful individuals in our community.

What does VPA do with my My Profile data?

  • We sell it to Cambridge Analytica. No, that's a joke (too soon). We treat your data extremely carefully here at VPA. We will however use this information to provide more personalised content, videos, articles and yes product suggestions to you. Think about it this way, we want to create a better experience for you! Will we get it perfectly right from day one, hopefully yes, but please be patient with us as we continue to grow.  


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