FAQ - Customer Video Testimonials

What are VPA Video Customer Reviews?

  • VPA video customer reviews allows our customers to use their mobile to create a video review for the VPA products that they're using. It allows you to comment on the service, delivery speed and ease of use of our site. 


How are the videos used?

  • VPA reserves the right to use the video on it’s various platforms including social media, paid media and of course on it’s website.


Why was my video not published?

  • Excessive course language (don't drop the C-bomb; even if it's part of your vernacular).
  • Nudity (no nip slips please)
  • Inappropriate promotion - we're happy to host your video if you mention that you're from XX gym; however, if the whole video is a plug for your gym then it might not make the cut. 
  • Inaudible - please speak clearly as our videos are translated to add subtitles to all video reviews.


What makes good review content?

  • It’s totally up to you.  


What makes a good customer video review?

  • Get someone to hold your phone - Selfie videos are great but if you can get someone to hold your camera, you'll be able to get a much better video
  • Good light and good audio - self explanatory
  • Car Reviews - we don't recommend this unless you have the appropriate set up in your car to do it legally 
  • Gym Reviews - these look great.
  • Outdoor reviews – these look great
  • Kitchen reviews  - these look great.
  • Unboxing reviews – everyone loves delivery day.


Why does my video not get hosted on the site?

  • An algorithm controls the most popular videos for display on our social media. This is based on independent views (session controlled).


What happens if I want the video taken down?

  • Unfortunately we are not able to have videos removed once they are uploaded to the platform.


 When does VPA Customer videos launch on the live site and social media channels?

  • Watch this space - we estimate 1/9/2019 as our devs are currently in the process of finalising.


I can’t find my video review link that was emailed to me, can you resend it?

  • Unfortunately not, please search your emails for “VPA Customer Video Review”. If you have deleted the email, we are unable to resend it as it is controlled by the platform to protect the integrity of the algorithm.


My video has been rejected, what can I do?

  • You will receive an email to let you know if your video has been rejected for one of the reasons mentioned above.
  • You can email the email address that is given to you if you wish to appeal. VPA reserves the right to make the final decision. Why? We can't have competitors posting customer reviews wearing their  shirts etc. [Gorilla Marketing]
  • Unfortunately we are not able to resend the link to your customer review video until a new purchase has been made. We are unable to resend it as it is controlled by the platform to protect the integrity of the algorithm.



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