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Social Media Content Ideas to Level Up Your Profile

We know content creation is not easy. One must regularly work in crafting engaging content, growing an audience, and cultivating identity. It takes a lot of creativity, strategic planning and whole lot of other skills and traits to have an effective content promotion. It’s tough, but we got you covered!

We curated a cheat sheet for you to stay ahead of the curve whenever you find yourself running out of ideas. Let’s step up our content creation game and get creative with VPA supps!

Here are some fresh tips in creating VPA content online:

1. Instagram Stories

With a lot of your followers watching your Instagram stories every day, grab the chance to engage with them and involve them on your daily updates.

  • Use VPA's branded frames or templates when re-sharing or posting stories
  • Host a weekly AMA – ask me a question (fitness edition)
  • Use IG stories to create a VPA highlight – where all your posts about VPA will be featured – new product, product review, “What I eat in a day”, and other posts involving VPA
  • Host a poll - could be on the different flavours of VPA supplements, favorite workout routine, etc.
  • Post sneak peeks of future product releases – could ask audience to guess new flavour, new color of a shaker, or new product
  • Reshare feed posts on Instagram stories

You may download VPA's branded frames here. Don’t forget to tag us on these creative posts so we may re-share your posts on our official social media pages.

Here's how to add frames on Instagram story.

2. How-To's and Tips

Sharing tips and tricks is also another way of getting your followers engaged with your content. Schedule on your calendar a “VPA Tuesday Tip” where you can share recipe how-to’s, work out routines, handling gym tools, nutritional diets, and the likes.


  1. Recipe samples
  2. Workout routines
  3. Nutritional diets

3. Master the Art of Bite-Sized Videos

I’m sure you’ve heard about Instagram Reels and Tiktok, and how they are creating a buzz all over social media. Editing videos may not be that easy but all you have to do is just to start and explore to stay up to the trend. Take your time to create short video clips and combine them in one short video.

Here are some topics you can start with:

4. Product Shots

Add more personality and creativity to your posts. Gone are the days where a snap of an influencer with a product in hand would work instantly. Today’s consumers are looking to you as role models in the fitness industry so let’s get creative and more authentic!

  • Create stop motions – pouring supplements to shakers, opening a delivery box, VPA supplements in your kitchen
  • Shoot in a different background – explore your space and check out different corners
  • Explore creating recipes – Make sure VPA products are seen in the background.
  • Always find the best natural light in your room or space
  • Arrange your set – no need to go all out and buy prop for shoots, a simple blanket, equipment, or fabric can add a branded touch on your photos. Just make sure the prop mixes well with the theme for the shoot and VPA’s identity.
  • Shoot as many photos as you want, in different angles and lighting styles. The more creative shots you shoot, the higher engagements you get.

5. Reward your followers

Of course! Occasionally host a contest or a giveaway on your social media channels if you’re feeling a bit extra generous with our monthly supplement packages. Any influencer would know that this is a great way of boosting engagement on posts and gaining new followers. Plus, a great way to promote new VPA products and services.

If you’re planning something grand, reach out to the team and we could assess and sponsor some of the prizes.

Last tip, be consistent and keep a list of all the ideas you have. If you want to stay top of mind with your followers, then you should be more active online. Create a content calendar, pick a schedule for VPA content, and commit to it so your audience can expect new content from you.