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Our Story

VPA was established in 2009 in Brisbane, Australia.

We are 100% Australian owned and operated.

VPA Australia is for people who live to do more and choose the better version of themselves every day. Our brand was built on the premise of excellence and high-quality, clean, and 100% pure supplements that yield only the best results and never lesser.

Like so many things in Australia, the high cost of international supplement products did not sit well with the Managing Director and from his passion to see "lower prices in Australia",VPA was birthed.

Choose your destiny.

VPA Australia is dedicated to support the all-inclusive active lifestyles of every visionary.

Our playing field is set on those who dare to step in their power and to push past limits.

It is our ambition to fuel your journey.

It is our ambition to get you there.

Have you ever asked yourself the question?

"Why should we have to pay exorbitant prices "in store" and "on-line" for international products when we manufacture and produce the best supplements in the world right here in Australia and NZ? In addition, why are the nutritional labels for many international products, filled with "secret proprietary blends" and "blends of varying qualities of protein"?

Factory to consumer.

Our team has developed and is committed to supplying the highest quality products at the best prices direct from the factory to the consumer. (Manufacturer > VPA > You).

We blend and pack all of our own products in our own production facility and have them shipped directly to the customer.

Our promise is to supply 100% pure products without "proprietary blends" or "secret formulas".We don't want to have you guessing how much WPI is in your "secret blend" of protein powders.

The company has since grown rapidly in the last 10 years. We now process over 25,000 kg of supplements each month from the world's leading suppliers.

We employ over 28 staff and are constantly expanding. Our production facility now has a processing capacity of 40 metric tonnes per month.

VPA is committed to developing NEW products and NEW flavours and have committed significant resources to research and development in this area. We only supply the highest quality products that have been tried and tested. We use no fillers, bulkers or thickening agents in any of our products.

Our Core Values

Team Spirit

We believe in team spirit and teamwork. Our community of professionals, sports teams, athletes, and stockists are league of like-minded people who advocate the highest standards in their field that too, are aligned with our vision.


Our team follows through on strong performance and results. Our team is determined to win and encourages the community to do so. We are a league of team players that seek to inspire the community to move further in quality, service, and performance.


Our team is committed to creating and developing solutions to power your every movement.


At VPA we do our best to source fair trade ingredients and products, from suppliers who support their workers and practice environmental protection policies at their sites e.g. wastewater treatment, recycling.