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Venom Protein Australia Re-branding VPA

In December 2015, our trademark attorney interrupted me during a planning presentation and loudly interjected,

"If you want this brand to become a truly Iconic Australian globally recognised brand,
then you need to change the name from "Venom".

The stunned faces in the room turned to him as he broke the silence,

"Venom translates into "poison" in pretty much every other dialect,
which is going to be a huge obstacle for the brand to be accepted in other countries."

For the next two hours, I proceeded to punch the plaster walls in my office*, much to the fear of my staff, as I agonised over the prospect of re-branding our beloved "Venom Protein". Just over 13 months later, and following hundreds of hours of work from both our wonderful staff and external consultants, we are extremely excited to reveal our new branding of VPA.

I'm often asked what I attribute to the rapid success of our brand and our passionate customer base. The answer is quite simply - Putting our customers first, investing in technology, investing in our staff, building a culture of hard work and discipline, providing the best product, price and service in the market AND most importantly having a customer base that LOVES our product and respects our policies and procedures. I, along with our incredible group of staff, are committed to seeing VPA become a truly Iconic Australian brand.

I implore you to continue to tell EVERY person that you meet, that the highest quality health supplements with the fastest free shipping and best prices in Australia are at vpa.com.au. Let's make 2017, the year that VPA takes over the world!

Sven Ray - CEO
VenomProtein [old habits die hard]

* No walls were punched (merely added for literary effect).

What does "VPA" stand for?

The acronym stands for "Venom Protein & Aminos". We are now officially "VPA". This change is also reflective of our ever growing product range and packaging. We no longer just sell "protein"!

Is VPA still 100% Australia Owned?

We are proudly 100% Australian owned. In fact, absolutely nothing has changed in terms of the ownership, supplier base, blending and packing, pricing or distribution of our product. The ONLY thing that is changing is our logo.

"Less is More" when it comes to logo design

Have you noticed in recent times that recognisable brands have transitioned their old "artistic logos" for minimalistic, simple and clean brand symbols? It's not a coincidence that Mastercard, Windows, VISA, Google, eBAY and the likes have all changed their logo designs to make them simpler and in turn more recognisable.

In light of this, we have done the same. As we begin our journey to create a globally recognised brand, VPA builds on those clean and simplistic design techniques, whilst still holding on to our colour pallet origins.

The future has arrived for VPA and we are happy to embrace it.

Changes at our NEW site:

  1. No need to re-enter credit card details- by utilising Commonwealth Bank's latest "token technology" you now only need to enter your credit card details ONCE on our site. We do NOT store any credit card details nor does ANY other party. For future transactions our bank will charge your credit card based on your account with us.
  2. Mobile friendly - I know you might be saying "It's about time"; so we're glad to say that our website is now fully mobile friendly. Creating a new site for our company is not as easy as it sounds. We have taken on the arduous task of building a website that handles our business complexities of managing over 200,000 kilograms of stock around THREE warehouses in Australia. So take a look around at our site. We hope you enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed creating it. More efficiency in our handling of stock means better prices and FREE shipping on all products for YOU!
  3. Authentication for our 1kg products- You may have noticed your authentication sticker on the front of your VPA bag. There's VERY little risk that you're purchasing a fake product in Australia; however, this is a huge issue for our distributors in countries such as India and China. By authenticating your product, you have certainty that you've received 100% pure protein and supplements from VPA, regardless of where you purchase on the planet.
  4. No more free shaker bottles - the constantly diminishing AUD$ has put more pressure on our margins. Rather than raise our prices for our bulk purchases of 5kg we have now removed the free shaker bottles (much to the delight of thousands of customers that have claimed their cupboards are overflowing with green shakers!).
  5. New URL- Going forward all purchases will be made at www.vpa.com.au . Don't stress if you forget and tell a friend to go to "venomprotein.com.au ", they will automatically be redirected to "vpa.com.au".

Other FAQ

Does VPA have a new owner? Absolutely not. No issued capital, debt or restructure. We're still 100% Australian owned and operated.

Will anything change in relation to our products? Absolutely not. Our protein suppliers, flavour houses, blending and packing facilities and prices are all the same. We 100% guarantee this.

Will I still receive fast free shipping? Absolutely. Our TWO warehouses in Melbourne and Brisbane will continue to function as per normal.

Has ANYTHING changed aside from the branding and logo?Nope nothing! If anyone says otherwise, tell them they're full of $#%t.

Will my vouchers purchased at venomprotein.com.au be able to be used at vpa.com.au? YES, they sure will.

Is Cam Smith still product ambassador for VPA? He sure is! We wouldn't want it any other way!

What can I do to help VPA become an Iconic Australian brand?

The answer is quite simple - Tell EVERY person that you know about VPA.

  • From your training buddy that's still spending too much in stores to the new guy at the gym that doesn't know where to start.
  • From the grandpa that's keeping fit to the 15 year old recovering from swimming km's in the pool.
  • From the Mum wanting to tone her body to the Dad that's trying to lose belly fat.
  • From the grade player in the AFL to the rugby union rep in the QLD Reds.
  • From the friend in Beijing to the business partner in Seoul.
  • From the family member in Tokyo to the work colleague sitting right next to you.
  • From Insta to Twitter.
  • From FB to Snapchat, tell EVERY one you know about VPA's range of products
  • 2017 is the year that VPA takes on the world!