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Five ways to exercise while on a zoom meeting

September 29, 2021 3 min read

Five ways to exercise while on a zoom meeting

Is it even possible to exercise while you're on a zoom meeting- much less have your boss and coworkers not noticing? Our short answer is YES!


Sitting for long periods may seem like a harmless activity, but it's more detrimental than you think. Experts have linked a person's sedentary lifestyle to multiple health issues. The percentage of inactive Australians is more than 55%, where inactive means not meeting the daily requirement based on the physical activity guidelines.


Now that more people are adapting the work from the home structure and zoom meetings are at an all-time high, here are five ways to stay active while facing your boss and coworkers without them even knowing.

Rotate your ankles


According to University Orthopedics, this is how you properly rotate your ankles:

"Raise your foot about 20 inches off the floor. Then, with your toes pointed upward, spin your foot to the left and then back to the right. Hold for at least ten seconds before returning to the starting position. Repeat 20 times for each leg." You can do this three times a day.


Sitting for an extended period is not only bad for your back, but it can also cause you to lose circulation in your legs and feet. We should rotate our ankles when we are sitting down because it helps to circulate blood flow in our legs and keeps our ankles healthy. It is best to do this exercise as soon as possible before they start feeling stiff.


Do clenches


Clenching your bottoms is done by squeezing them together and then releasing them.


The pelvic floor muscles, also known as the PC muscles or butt clenches, support the pelvic organs and help control bladder and bowel function.


Exercises for the pelvic floor can be done practically anywhere and at any time. There is no need to invest in any equipment. All you need to do is just learn how to contract and release your PC muscles and then practice until you can do it effortlessly without thinking about it.

Lift your legs


Try these two exercises that you can do while sitting down:

First, you need to sit upright with your back at a 90 degree angle. Take strength from your things as you:

1) Lift one leg up then switch sides;

2) Lift both legs at the same time, then switch sides.


You can do three sets of 10 reps. The act of lifting your legs while sitting down can help to relieve any pressure on your spinal cord and your hips. It also helps with increasing circulation in the pelvic area.

Sit on a yoga or exercise ball.


Exercise yoga balls are a great way to stay active and work on your core muscles. They're also portable so that they can be taken anywhere.


Sitting on an exercise ball helps you develop stronger core muscles because it keeps you moving throughout the day. It's also good for your posture because it keeps the spine straight and reduces pressure on weight-bearing joints like knees and hips.


Tone your calf muscles


A way to tone your calf muscles is through seated calf raises. To do this, you need to sit properly on a chair with your knees at a 90-degree angle. You then put your body weight into your thighs and raise your toes.


You hold this position for a couple of seconds and slowly put your toes back on the ground. You repeat this a couple of times.


It may seem like a small thing at first glance, but doing short bursts of exercise throughout the day can be extremely helpful for your health. You can do all the activities mentioned above without your boss or coworkers knowing.


If you are unable to, you can also start by taking a break for at least five minutes every hour to walk around or stretch - it will help you stay active and healthy!

April Lloren

April is a fun-loving mother of three beautiful children. She is one of a few people who enjoy public speaking and loves motivating others. April is a registered nurse by profession but always had a passion for writing, thanks to Carrie Bradshaw. She has written over two thousand blogs and counting. She is also a link-building expert and works as the SEO Specialist for VPA Australia.

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