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Crush Your Fitness Goals With This Perfect Plan

November 07, 2018 3 min read

Crush Your Fitness Goals With This Perfect Plan

Famous author Zig Ziglar once famously remarked,

‘People don’t tend to wander around and then find themselvesat the top of Mount Everest’.

Creating fitness goals and setting them can seem tedious but is the absolute KEY to your success! You need to have a step-by-step process of achieving your major goal; this step-by-step process removes any fear and uncertainty that you may have. So crush your fitness goals after reading this perfect plan.

Goals are especially powerful if they are time-based, measurable and concrete. This means they need to have a specific start and finish date, goals need to be measured, for example losing 5% body fat in 10 weeks – and it needs to be either written in a journal, covered on the fridge or pinup board or written as the home screen for your phone.

Tell your friends, family and coworkers about your goals. Not only for support but also going public will mean you are more likely to stick to your plan. Accountability is key!

Those who end up not only achieving their goals but also maintaining their goals remind themselves of the benefits associated with achieving their goals. For example, remind yourself, why will your life be better after achieving your goal? Finally feeling unashamed of your body when in a swimsuit or naked.

Don’t focus on how failure to change will result in having to endure the negative aspects of your current situation.

You will be creating sub goals and for each of your sub goals achieved it will put you a step closer towards achieving your overall goal.

You will be rewarded for each sub goal but it can never conflict and contradict with the overall goal itself, i.e. going on an ice cream and pizza binge because you have had a good week of healthy eating won’t help you in achieving your goal. Try getting a massage instead something that feels good and will also benefit you.

Create the Perfect Plan

Step 1 – What is your overall goal?

Write it down now! What do you want to achieve with your fitness?

Do not move on until you have written this down!

Example: I want to lose 12kg in 12 weeks.

Step 2 – Create a step-by-step plan and split your overall goal into sub-goals.

Each goal needs to be concrete, measurable, realistic and time-based.

Create 3-4 sub-goals

  • My first sub goal is to…
  • I believe that I can achieve this goal because…
  • To achieve this sub-goal I will…
  • This will be achieved by the following date…
  • My reward for achieving this goal will be…

Write these out now for all of your sub-goals. Don’t move on until you have done this!


  • My first sub goal is to start cooking 3 x per week
  • I believe that I can achieve this goal because I will plan out each of my meals and have a shopping list ready
  • To achieve this sub-goal I will need to be organised
  • This will be achieved by the following date…
  • My reward for achieving this goal will be to go to the movies at the end of the 12 weeks

Step 3 -What are the benefits of achieving your overall goal?

List 3 important benefits focusing on how much better your life will be for you and those around you. Focus on enjoying the benefits of your desired future rather than the negative aspects of your current situation.

  • I am sick of feeling tired all the time, I want to feel energetic and full of energy
  • I want to feel confident around my partner and friends when I’m in my swimsuit
  • I want to do something for myself and stop giving excuses

Step 4 – Go public!

Accountability is the KEY to succeeding with your overall goal and sub-goals. Who are you going to tell? Maybe it is your friends, family and/or colleagues.

Once you express that you are going to achieve something to those nearest and dearest to you, you have made the concrete choice to obtain that goal and you will unlock the key to motivation.

Information and research provided from ’59 SECONDS’ Change your life in under a minute by Richard Wiseman.

NOTE: This article can be shared but not reproduced.

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