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10 Tips to make Dieting Easier

September 04, 2019 2 min read

10 Tips to make Dieting Easier

Make dieting easier and crush your hunger

1) Focus on losing fat at a slowly

By cutting too many calories you will lose your lean muscle along with the fat, and be a lot more hungry than necessary. Focus on creating a small calorie deficit that gradually strips the fat away while maintaining your lean muscle and keeping your hunger levels relatively controlled. Maintain a small calorie deficit of about 15-20% below your maintenance level.

2) Consume around 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight daily.

This will also ensure you maintain lean muscle, plus protein is much lower in calories than the other two macronutrients, fats and carbs.

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3) Don’t allow your fat intake to dip below 20% of your total calories.

Eating fat doesn’t make you fat, this is an old myth. Fat is necessary for maintaining healthy testosterone levels and it also leaves you feeling fuller and more satisfied in between meals by slowing down the rate of gastric emptying.

4) Consume at least 15 grams of fiber for every 1000 calories you eat.

Fiber absorbs water in your digestive tract and expands in your stomach to increase feelings of fullness and satiety. Just like fat, fiber also slows down the rate of gastric emptying.

5) Eat plenty of vegetables.

This is overlapping with point 4 because vegetables are high in fiber, but they are also very low in calories.

6) Drink plenty of water.

This will make you feel fuller, especially if you drink a few glasses with your meals.

7) Find the right balance between dieting and cardio to keep your appetite minimized.

Some people seem to manage their hunger better by increasing their cardio to allow for more calories, but others are fine with doing minimal cardio and having lower calories. Find what works fro you

8) Allow for 10-20% of your total calories to come from “cheat foods”.

We know what happens when you restrict yourself from something you love…you crave it even more. So allow yourself to enjoy some of your favourite foods to avoid those cravings.

9) Get enough high quality sleep each night.

Sleep deprivation can increase your appetite due to a decrease in leptin levels and an increase in ghrelin levels, which are two key hormones that regulate hunger

10) Eat your meals slower.

This is a pretty simple one, but research has shown that eating your meals at a slower place helps you to feel fuller and more satisfied off of a smaller volume of food.

Now these ideas will not completely remove your food cravings, but by using a combination of them (all if possible) you can make it much much easier for yourself.

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