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How to adjust the sweetness

August 12, 2018 2 min read

How to adjust the sweetness

We take flavour very seriously here at VPA®, which is why our R&D team spends thousands of hours formulating and sorting through hundreds of flavours to get you the most delicious protein shakes on the planet. “Taste testing” is one of the perks of the job in the office as scores of taste testing profiles go into creating each and every flavour.

The beauty of us as individuals is that we all have slightly different taste palettes. Some of us like curries hot, others prefer the Butter Chicken (mmm butter chicken). In the same ways, some of us like our protein drinks sweet and others not so sweet.

Our supplements cater for both individuals. It’s simple to change the way you prepare your supplement drink to cater for your palette preference.

If you would like to increase the sweetness of your supplement then decrease the amount of liquid that you add to your shaker and vice versa if you would like to decrease the sweetness of your shake.

All of our supplements are formulated to be mixed according to the prescribed directions on the nutritional information on the pack. So for 90% of customers this would be the best way to mix their drink. However, 10% of those that find the resultant drink from the prescribed mixing ratio too sweet or not sweet enough can adjust the amount of liquid.


Why don’t you use thickeners?

Our commitment to 100% purity, means that we do not use thickeners in our protein shakes. Whilst many American and European products still use thickeners to enhance the flavour profile.

Why don’t you use Stevia for all of your protein shakes?

Why don’t you use Stevia for all of your protein shakes?

Stevia is a natural sweetener that ONLY works when used with a mask. The mask is typically a sugar (sucrose, erythritol etc.). Without this mask it leaves a licorice bitter taste in your mouth. Because of this, Stevia is not a good sweetener to be used with protein powder unless you are willing to add a sugar to mask it. If you are consuming a protein powder sweetened by Stevia that does not have an aftertaste and also does not contain any added sugars, we would be highly dubious of the ingredient list on the product. Coca Cola – One of the biggest companies in the food industry are offering a $1M prize to any food scientist that can come up with a natural sweetener to replace Stevia as Stevia is simply not the answer to the food industries requirements at present.

Do you use Aspartame in any of your products?

Do you use Aspartame in any of your products?

Absolutely not. Aspartame continues to be a popular sweetener in the USA (in accordance with FDA regulation) but we choose not to use Aspartame in any of our products.

Can I mix my protein shake in milk, almond milk or coconut water?

Yes without a doubt. The natural sugars in either full fat or low fat milk brings out the flavours in our proteins even more. This would not apply to our amino acids, vegan and any other acidic type flavour of shakes.

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