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Summer FOMO™ - Thermogenic Formula

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Summer FOMO
Summer FOMO. As both a thermogenic and an energy booster, Summer FOMO delivers outstanding performance-enhancing benefits. When consumed before exercise Summer FOMO will allow you to train at a higher intensity and for longer periods of time. Summer FOMO also has natural mood-enhancing ingredients, supporting your overall wellbeing and cognitive performance throughout the day. We are Australia’s best online supplement shop. We provide you with high-quality fat burners, protein, amino acids and other supplements. We also sell the best value and purest protein powder. Fat Burner Supplement. As both a thermogenic and an energy booster, Summer FOMO delivers outstanding performance-enhancing benefits. When consumed before exercise Summer FOMO will allow you to train at a higher intensity and for longer periods of time. Summer FOMO also has natural mood-enhancing ingredients, supporting your overall wellbeing and cognitive performance throughout the day. We are Australia’s best online supplement shop. We provide you with high-quality fat burners, protein, amino acids and other supplements. We also sell the best value and purest protein powder.

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SERVING SIZE 6.5g                     SERVINGS 30

Per Serve Per 100g

Energy (kJ)



Energy (Cal)



Protein (g)



Total Fat (g)



Saturated Fat (g)



Total Carbohydrates (g)



Sugar (g)



Dietary Fibre (g)



Sodium (mg)



Vitamin C (mg)

19 (48% RDI)


Calcium (mg)

245 (31% RDI*)


Green Tea Extract (mg)



Guarana (mg)



Caffeine (mg)




l-Leucine (mg)



L-Isoleucine (mg)



L-Valine (mg)



L-Glycine (mg)



L-Tyrosine (mg)



L-Glutamine (mg)




Add 2 heaped scoops to 250ml-500ml of chilled water. Stir or shake for 20 seconds, or until completely dispersed.

Serving size: 6.5 grams


Acacia Fibre, L-Glutamine, Branch Chain Amino Acid Blend (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine), L Carnitine, Mineral Salt (Calcium Phosphate), Konjac Root, Natural Flavour, Guarana, L-Glycine, L-Tyrosine, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, Food Acid (Citric Acid), Ginger Powder (Gingerols), Calcium Ascorbate, Sucralose, Natural Colour (Beta Carotene).

Allergen Advice

Contains caffeine.

Formulated supplementary sports food This food must not be used as a sole source of nutrition. It must be used in conjunction with a balanced diet and a suitable physical training or exercise program. Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women. Should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision.


In the morning

In The Morning

Kick-start your day and kick-start your metabolism so that you can get into fat burning mode as soon as possible and fuel your body with energy to keep you feeling great and satiated while dieting.

Weight Management

VPA® Summer FOMO tap into three areas of effective fat loss, to assist you with your weight management journey, metabolism, hunger, and energy.

Before Exercise

To give your body the extra kick of energy to burn maximum calories and give yourself the motivation to train harder, while stimulating your metabolism, Summer FOMO is perfect as a pre-workout supplement.

Male and Female

VPA® Summer FOMO is perfect for any person wanting to maximise their fat loss, with the highest quality and fastest acting ingredients.


Summer FOMO is a new and improved generation of fat burner designed with ingredients that work synergistically to maximise your bodies ability to burn fat is as short of time as possible. To move your body into a biological state of constant Fat Burning, Summer FOMO works by optimising three areas of your life:


Using Summer FOMO daily will quickly kick your body into fat burning mode by stimulating your metabolism to begin using more of your fat stores and energy stores for energy, all throughout the day. This is particularly important as you want to train your body to always be fueling your body and mind with the fats you have available since fats as an energy source offer a longer lasting, consistent fuel source.

Hunger Control

Summer FOMO has a natural appetite suppressant effect, so you will not feel the same need to snack or seek food throughout the day, resulting in fewer calories consumed and smarted eating choices, which will make it much easier initially starting your diet or new fat loss program.

Energy Boost

The ingredients in Summer FOMO are fantastic natural energy and mood enhancers. The reason this is important for fat loss is that it will motivate you to stay active, and will reduce the chances of snacking and making poor food choices because of stress or tired decision making.

So Summer FOMO will increase your bodies fat burning ability through an increased metabolism, suppress your hunger resulting in less calories consumer, and increase your energy levels allowing you to keep active, the winning combo for any fat loss program!


  • Experience increased energy while dieting.
  • Experience higher intensity training resulting in more calories burned.
  • Experience a curbed appetite making it easier to manage your weight loss.
  • Experience a natural mood enhancement.


We take quality seriously, that is why VPA® is used and trusted by Australia’s top athletes. Almost 25,000 independent positive reviews show you whoAustralians prefer and trust.


Unlike other supplement providers we take extreme measures to ensure our supplements are the highest quality in the market, employing third party lab testing by the National Measurement Institute, the authority for Australia’s chemical, biological, physical and trade testing.


VPA® is one of few supplement companies that has been certified by Informed Sport the world leader for supplement quality assurance, and tested by LGC’s world class sports anti-doping lab.


We are so confident that you will love our supplements we have a product guarantee that ensures you are happy with your product.


Because we have ISO and HACCP certified warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, we are able to get your Whey Isolate to you faster than the majority of the supplement companies,
with the highest level of hygiene possible in Australia.
No more cheap and nasty unregulated supplement providers sending you products that are packaged in unhygienic back rooms, with low accountability of quality, full of fillers and poor quality dairy products.



If you are not 100% happy with your product, please contact our customer service team to have the product returned for an exchange. Please make sure that at least 90% of the product is returned.


We guarantee the purity of our product. Why, because we pack and blend all of our products on our HACCP approved, ISO approved facility in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. We regularly test the purity of our products so you can be confident that you will never be receiving under-dosed or amino-spiked supplements from VPA® Australia.


Buy fat burners online

We are Australia’s best online supplement shop. We provide you with high-quality fat burners, protein, amino acids and other supplements. We also sell the best value and purest protein powder. Shop with us to see why we were voted the Best Protein and Supplement store in Australia for five years in a row.

What are fat burners?

Fat burning supplements are blends of scientifically proven ingredients that help to speed your metabolism, promote fat burning, boost energy and control your hunger. They improve your bodies ability to burn its own fat, therefore accelerating fat loss. They come in either powder or capsule form.

What is a thermogenic fat burner?

A thermogenic fat burner is one that contains metabolism-boosting ingredients. Common thermogenic ingredients include caffeine and green tea.

What do fat burners do?

Fat burners may support weight loss in three ways:

  • Metabolism - the thermogenic ingredients assist in boosting metabolic rate, helping you to burn calories.
  • Hunger control - caffeine and fibre both work to suppress hunger cravings.
  • Energy - fat burners may increase exercise output and provide a cognitive boost.

Do fat burners work?

When used in conjunction with a calorie-controlled diet and exercise, fat burners may increase the rate at which body fat is burned and accelerate fat loss. They are particularly useful for people who are at a lower body fat percentage who need that extra boost to shift stubborn fat stores.

Are fat burners safe?

Not all fat burning supplements are safe to take either for health reasons or if you are a drug tested employee or athlete. This is why you need to be very careful about what fat burner you choose to buy, and who you buy it from. VPA® is proud to say that all of our products including Summer FOMO are safe for drug tests. We do not use, or have any ingredients in our production facility, that are banned by ASADA or WADA. We regularly test our ingredients and finished products for purity and safety. You can be confident that Summer FOMO is a safe choice of pre-workout if you undergo drug tests.

What is the best fat burner for weight loss?

The best fat burner supplement combines ingredients that boost metabolic rate and fat burning, boost your energy and reduce your hunger. VPA® Summer FOMO has ingredients that do all these things at a competitive price, this makes Summer FOMO the best fat burner supplement.

Who should take fat burners?

Fat burners can be used by anyone looking to gain that extra edge and boost with fat loss.

What are the ingredients of fat burner?

Fat burners usually combine stimulants, compounds that increase the rate at which fat is burned, and appetite suppressants. Summer FOMO contains the following active ingredients:

Acacia Fibre– to keep you feeling full and for hunger control.

L-glutamine– Improves insulin sensitivity

BCAA - Due to their rapid absorption into the blood stream, BCAA maximise muscle growth and repair, and fuel training. BCAA may help reduce fatigue during training, reduce muscle soreness, increase muscle mass, and lower blood sugar levels.

L-carnitine - L-carnitine plays several vital roles within our bodies including the transport of fatty acids into our cell mitochondria, our body’s power production plants, for oxidation and conversion into energy for our muscles to use.

Konjac Root – a different type of fibre to keep you feeling full and for hunger control.

Guarana - Acting as a stimulant, guarana helps improve cognition and switches you on for maximum performance.

L-glycine – accelerates fat loss during times of calorie restriction.

L-tyrosine - L-Tyrosine : Plays a role in increasing alertness, helping you to perform at your best.

Green tea extract - A stimulant that helps to increase your metabolic rate, helping you to burn fat.

Caffeine – A stimulant that helps to increase your metabolic rate, helping you to burn fat. Caffeine also plays a role in hunger suppression which helps with weight loss. The final benefit of caffeine is that it can make your workout seem easier, which allows you to work harder, and therefore burn more calories.

Ginger powder - Improves blood flow and may improve brain function and increase alertness.

What should I mix fat burner with?

As Summer FOMO is mango passionfruit flavoured it is best mixed with water. The added amino acids and fibre are not fully masked by the sweetener and flavour in the product, so it doesn’t taste like simple flavoured water. You can mix Summer FOMO with as much or as little water as you like but we recommend mixing one serve in 250-500ml of water.

How much is a serve of Summer FOMO?

One serve of VPA® Summer FOMO is 6.5g. One 195g tub of VPA® Summer FOMO has 30 serves.

When should I take fat burner?

Fat burner should be taken twice a day. Once in the morning when you wake and then again either before training or mid-afternoon. If you are sensitive to stimulants, you may need to be careful to not use Summer FOMO to late in the afternoon.

Clumping and how to store Summer FOMO

Some of the ingredients of Summer FOMO naturally take on water when exposed to air. This is why silicon moisture sachets are added to pre-workouts during the packing process. Once the product is opened it will start to take on moisture and should be used within 6-8 weeks. If your fat burner does start to clump, rest assured that although it may be more difficult to scoop and slightly harder to mix, the active ingredients will still work their magic.

Summer FOMO is not as easily mixed as many of our other products due to the inclusion of fibre. Fat burner may take more time to mix than our protein products. It is ok to drink Summer FOMO even it is slightly lumpy. This will not impact the effectiveness of the product.

Can I get samples of Summer FOMO?

Unfortunately, we do not have samples of Summer FOMO available.

You can view our sample range here

Can I take fat burners and protein at the same time?

Summer FOMO is a mango passionfruit flavoured product, so we would not recommend mixing it with protein or products with another flavour, as it may taste very strange. You can take them side by side though, in different shakes and drinks though.

Can I take fat burner and Pre-Workout at the same time?

We would not recommend that you take Summer FOMO and Pre-workout at the same time. This is because both products contain stimulants. If you are particularly caffeinetolerant this may not pose a problem. Ideally we would recommend taking fat burner in the morning and pre-workout around 20 minutes before you start training.

Fat burner reviews

You can read all customer reviews of VPA® Summer FOMO by scrolling to the top of the page and clicking on the review stars above the product name. This product currently has over 480 reviews and a 4.7* rating. You can read some Summer FOMO reviews below:

“Awesome supply of energy throughout your training and doesn’t give you the jitters”. Jaryd B- Review made 19th April 2020.

“Great product, I have been using Summer FOMO for some time now, and get great results, with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Highly recommend to anyone, from beginner just starting out, to a serious gym junky who’s looking for extra edge.” Mal B – Review made 23rd March 2020.

“One of the best products I've used to boost my metabolism!”. Georgia S – Review made 10th March 2020. “This is the best product compared with similar items out there! Mango and passionfruit flavour was awesome, and I feel this Summer FOMO controlled my hunger and gave me heaps of energy. I recommended this product!” Ferdinand W – Review made 23rd February 2020.

Fat burner side effects

The most common side effect of fat burners are caffeine and stimulant related issues. Taking too much fat burner, or taking too much fat burner late in the date may lead to being overstimulated.

Can I use fat burner when pregnant or breastfeeding?

Due to the stimulants in fat burners, including Summer FOMO, they should not be used by ladies who are pregnant and breastfeeding.

Compare fat burners

We have created the table below so you can compare Summer FOMO to other brands of pre-workout including Oxyshred, and Blaze. The most obvious difference between them is that we include all ingredients and quantity on the ingredients tab so you can be informed about what you are using.

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Where do you get your protein and amino acids from?

We only deal with reliable international suppliers with whom we have developed a great working relationship with over time.

Where are your products made?

Our Summer FOMO fat burner and other products are blended and packed at our export-grade dairy production facility in North Brisbane.

How long does shipping take?

We have dispatch warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We dispatch via Australia Post and Fastway. Delivery takes 1-3 days in metropolitan regions when delivered by Fastway. Orders shipping Australia Post are subject to their usual delivery times.


We've changed the name to Summer FOMO but don't worry! It's still the same formula.