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Good news and bad news, VPA Fam!

The bad news is, VPA along with every other supplier on the planet will experience a major price increase of 30% in raw material price.

The good news is, we’ve been able to secure our high-quality protein for the next 12 months.

The better news is that our WPI and WPC will only increase by $4/kilo effective 1st July 2024.

Navigating Global Market Trends

We’ve spent extensive time across all of our supplier networks, both international and local, to understand this year’s dairy pricing.

In the dynamic world of global markets, we've observed some shifts. As demand for butter and skim milk increase, the supply for milk and said milk extracts goes to those sources, which then hurts cheese. The offshoot of that is whey is the product made from cheese and because the demand is becoming less, we’re going to see an increase in price. This affects the supply chain right down to the whey protein we all rely on.

A Transparent Insight

In July 2024, our commitment to the VPA customer is to always produce the highest quality product at the best prices.

In order for us to do that, please be reminded that in four months' time, a possible price increase of circa $4/kilo across all whey protein powder products will be experienced. This will not affect any of our prices for amino acids or non-dairy based products as this is a separate raw material basis.  


When will price increase take effect?

Approximately 1st of July 2024

What will the prices for specific products be?

A price increase of $4 per kilo will be imposed for both WPI and WPC, including protein products that contain WPI and WPC.

Why haven’t I heard about this from other protein suppliers in Australia?

For us to remain transparent and give as much leeway as possible, VPA have decided to make this information known in the following months. Price increases are expected to be the case across the supplier base.

Why are your non-dairy products not increasing as much (pre-workout and others)?

At this stage, the price for our amino acids has stabilised (aside from creatine); hence, the reason that we have not had to increase these prices.

When will the price of milk and cheese decline?

We are hoping that prices will stabilise across all dairy channels by the end of 2024.