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It’s not often we have to do this, but as a valued part of the VPA Family, we would like to give you advance notice of a price rise as at 7/11/2022.

At VPA, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of protein powder at the best prices in Australia. Our multi-million dollar business model is based on efficiency and integrity and in order to continue to meet these high standards without sacrificing on quality, we have had to raise prices in light of dairy price increases.

VPA WPI $52/kg
Retail brands in store = $95/kg
Savings of $43 per kg

VPA WPC $41/kg
Retail brands in store = $80
Savings of $39 per kg

Why have prices risen so sharply for dairy commodities?

  • The simple answer is "Supply and demand". Covid has caused many supply chains (not just dairy) to reduce supply (contract). The increased demand since covid has abated, has caused prices to sky rocket. The price of raw materials has increased by 300%.
  • Container prices - the price of shipping containers has tripled from circa USD3500 per container to USD 9500 per container (40 ft HQ).
  • Global economic pricing pressure - All elements of the supply chain have been impacted by the increased price of fuel, labour shortages and many other macro economic factors of late.

VPA Protein Powder

Why are your non-dairy products not increasing as much (pre-workout etc)?

  • At this stage, the price for our amino acids has stabilised (aside from creatine); hence, the reason that we have not had to increase these prices.

Will prices continue to increase?

  • We promise to hold all prices till March 2023. At this time we will reassess all prices and reduce prices where necessary. We've placed long term contracts worth millions of dollars to ensure that we do not need to adjust prices until March 2023.

VPA Warehouse

What standards does VPA adhere to that other smaller providers don't need to?

  • We are an export registered "Department of Agriculture and Fisheries" (DAFF) facility. This is the highest accreditation of dairy in Australia. Our environmental (swab, surface, water, compressed air testing) and product testing requirements (multiple pathogens) is far higher than an ordinary HACCP approved facility (where most protein powders are blended in Australia). If you’ve found a cheaper price of product, ask them if they (not their co-packers) are an export registered dairy provider. Inevitably the answer will be “No”.
VPA Warehouse


  • Did you know that VPA has a 75% returning customer rate?
    That is one of the highest in our industry! You can be assured that you are purchasing the best product along with THOUSANDs of other Australians each day.

Returning customer rate
  • Do you know how much protein we sell each day?
    We effectively sell the same weight as EVERY single item in an entire supplement store each day. Imagine EVERY item cleared off the shelf each day in a large supplement store. That's tonnes and tonnes of high quality supps that our loyal customers purchase each day.

Improvements that VPA has made in the last 12 months

  • Free 8 week Challenge - we continue to provide free information, assistance, resources and guidance to our customers. Please use these resources and ask our staff how you can participate in future.
  • Supporting local industry events - VPA has supported, both financially and by providing free product to over 5,000 competitors across Australia in both Season A and Season B competitive bodybuilding events across Australia. As long as our loyal customers continue to purchase our products through these events, we will continue to support them for decades to come.
  • Supporting local gyms - During the year 2022, VPA has visited over 200 gyms and training facilities to support local business owners as well as to provide freebies to our loyal customers and followers. We don't just sit around waiting for orders, we're actively involved and contributing to give back to the many gyms and customers that purchase our product.
  • 100% solar powered since January 2022 - VPA has invested $59,000AUD of our own funds (the QLD government contributed an additional $49,000) in order to create a fully solar powered facility in Brendale, QLD.