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What's the Deal with Wholefood Protein Bars?

November 04, 2022 2 min read

What's the Deal with Wholefood Protein Bars?

With so many different protein bars on the market it can be difficult to differentiate one from another. When it comes to VPA®’s wholefood protein bars, they’re packed full of protein but also many other naturally derived ingredients so that you can get the most from your snack. Skip those bars with long ingredient lists, sugar alcohols and synthetic colours, and just keep it simple with VPA®’s delicious raw protein bars.

Let’s look a little deeper into some of the ingredients you’ll find inside.

Whey Protein Isolate

VPA®’s protein bars contain whey protein isolate (WPI) which is more quickly digested and absorbed by the body compared to other types of protein. Due to the way in which it is produced, WPI contains barely any carbohydrates, lactose and fat, and consists of up to 90% protein.

As WPI is fast absorbing it gets working straight away to support muscle growth and recovery following intense exercise. With over 18g of protein per serve, VPA®’s protein bars are up there with the best of the best.


Glutamine is an amino acid found naturally in the body that is used to make proteins and to transport nutrients in the blood. It also supports the immune system and intestinal health; as glutamine is an important energy source for immune cells (such a white blood cells) and intestinal cells.

Due to its role in keeping intestinal cells healthy, glutamine may assist in maintaining the protective barrier between the intestines and the body; preventing harmful bacteria and toxins from exiting the intestines into the bloodstream which is known as leaky gut syndrome.

Glutamine supplementation may also prevent muscle breakdown, preserve protein stores in the body, plus decrease muscle soreness and fatigue post exercise.

Natural Prebiotic Fibre

Another ingredient found in VPA®’s protein bars is prebiotic fibre. Prebiotics are food for the good bacteria in our gut so it’s important to consume sources of fibre so that gut bacteria can flourish and keep our immune system healthy. Soluble fibre also helps regulate bowel movements and may assist with decreasing cholesterol.

As fibre is slow to digest it leaves you feeling full and satisfied. In this way it can promote weight loss.

Fava Bean Protein

Extracted from fava beans (commonly known as broad beans or faba beans), this plant-based protein is low in carbohydrates and fats, and contains an array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Being a plant protein it both supports muscle growth and recovery, and contains natural fibre to support digestion.

Almond Paste and Coconut

Almond paste, produced purely by grinding almonds, is rich in monounsaturated fats, fibre, protein and other vitamins and minerals. These healthy fats may help to lower cholesterol and reduce blood pressure.

In regards to coconut, the fatty acids help support bone and heart health.

So next time you’re feeling peckish and looking for a protein snack, reach for VPA®’s wholefood protein bar. Not only will you reap the benefits of protein for muscle growth and recovery, but you’ll also be giving your immune system, gut health and cardiovascular system a helping hand. Now that’s smart snacking!

Sarah Ham

Sarah is a food technologist at VPA where she creates new and exciting products, and ensures that all VPA products are made to a superior standard. She is passionate about health, food, and her dachshunds.

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