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Quick and easy high protein breakfast ideas for your busiest mornings

November 18, 2022 2 min read

Quick and easy high protein breakfast ideas for your busiest mornings

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but that doesn't mean you always have time to whip up something delicious in the morning. So, we’ve round up some of our quickest and easiest high protein breakfast ideas to get your through your busy mornings. 

And by quick, we don’t mean resorting to silly cereals which are most likely packed with sugars or having your daily morning smoothies. I think you deserve to spice things up! These easy breakfast recipes are ready in minutes or are your perfect make-ahead treats. 


Spanish Zucchini Tortilla

The Spanish tortilla is a delicious and easy breakfast crowd-pleaser. This recipe puts your vegetables to good use by adding a zucchini twist to the good ol' classic.

Savoury Protein Muffins

Loaded with Greek yogurt, chickpea flour, butternut pumpkin, and VPA®'s protein powder, these Savoury Protein Muffins are a great way to start your day.


Pizza Omelette

A high protein, low calorie pizza omelette! This is a great option for a meal or snack that is low in carbs and fat to complement your weight loss goals. Made with VPA®'s Egg White Protein.


Egg Fried on Tomatoes with Tuna

We love a one-skillet dish. Bring together your pantry staples- eggs, tomatoes, and tuna and turn them into a quick easy and high protein breakfast. Just drop these 3 ingredients and you're all set!


Tuna & Broccoli salad with honey vinaigrette

It's never too early for salad, so why not have a refreshing and hearty plate in the morning! This vinaigrette-based salad is nourishing as it is filling and is easy to assemble.



Protein Apple Crumble

Looking for something new and easy?This is our easiest apple crumble recipe, full of caramel flavours in the brown sugar and a hint of cinnamon.


Raspberry Ripe Overnight Weetbix

If you are looking for a quick, easy and healthy breakfast idea then Overnight Weetbix is a must-try. Five minutes in the evening will make morning time a breeze.


(Make ahead) Blueberry Breakfast Muffins

One of the many things we like to prep for the new week are these delicious blueberry protein muffins. They are scrumptious, packed with nutrients and are made with VPA® vanilla whey protein isolate.


Turkish Delight Smoothie Bowl

Here is a perfect spring/summer breakfast. This Turkish Delight smoothie bowl is low in fat with less than 1g and high in protein with 28.9g.


And lastly, let's not forget VPA® Protein Pancakes

Pancakes but better! Yes, it's not a recipe but we've done all the work to make things easier and healthier for you. Who doesn't love a stack of pancakes in the morning? Just top with your favourite fruits and you're all set!


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