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Terrifying Nutrition Facts for Halloween

October 03, 2022 3 min read

Terrifying Nutrition Facts for Halloween

October is finally upon us and with it comes one of the most celebrated holidaysof the year – Halloween! Whether you’re the type to stay in, put on a classic scary movie with a bowl of popcorn andlollies on your lap, or the type to go out and party with your friends, it’s always good to keep in mind these spooky health facts that’ll have your health and fitness in check. 

Scary Sugars

Did you know that Australians are now consuming more sugar than ever before, and most especially during Halloween? 

In 2011-12 the Australian Health survey revealed that Australians consumed 60 grams of sugar per day, or 14 full teaspoons. Now, keep that stat in mind and imagine how muchmorekilograms of candies are sold and consumed worldwide on this holiday. 

Candy is filled with processed sugars and on top of that, manufacturers add chemically produced sugar, typically high fructose corn syrup, to many other foods and drinks.

Besides providing a boost of energy that the body can use, processed sugar doesn’t provide any benefits to the body—it lacks the fiber and health-promoting nutrients that occur in natural sugar sources like fruit. 

Having a piece now and then is all good, but these empty calories will for sure keep you up at night. 

Blood-curling Booze

What’s a party without a bit of alcohol involved? 

You’ve heard of “drink responsibly”, but do you know just exactly how alcohol can decrease overall physical fitness? Drinking alcohol regularly can and will negatively affect your performance in the gym, when you play sports, and in everyday life. 

Alcohol impairs your ability to perform at your highest level, costing you your hard-earned progress, or ending your workout early. It also dehydrates the body which may result in exhaustion of fatigue – which is not the ideal state to be in when you’ve got a an early-morning run! 

A drink here and there is fine but beware when Happy Hour quickly turns into Hangover Hour. The horror! 

Junk Food Jump scares

A horror movie is never complete without a bag of snacks on hand. I mean, who walks into a movie theatre without at least a bowl of popcorn? 

Whether you’re a salty or savoury snack kind-of-person, all junk foods are best taken occasionally or in moderation. “Junk food” is food that contains high levels of fats, salt and sugar and lacks nutrients such as fiber, vitamins and minerals. Eating these excessively will ultimately lead to short and long-term health complications, including weight gain, diabetes, and heart problems. 

A smarter way of snacking is to understand the nutritional value of the food you eat and to be aware of advertising “tricks” that can also help you minimize your junk food intake. You can do this by reading the nutrition panel usually found on the back. You can use thisguide on reading food labels so you can easily understand them and perform smarter and more informed decisions when choosing the food you eat. 

Snacking shouldn’t be scary at all! Finding the right (and delicious!) ones for your body is all that matters. Check out our high protein and delicioussnack recipes here. 

Spine-chilling Sleep

The best thing after a long night or a good workout is the deep sleep that follows right after. Did you know that sleep plays a significant role on your overall fitness and health? 

Nutritious food isn’t the only thing that fuels your workouts – considergood rest and recovery part of the equation. Good sleep offers the body and brain time to restore and recover, affecting nearly every tissue in the body which is why athletes and gym rats also look into supplementing withGABA,ZMA6 Recovery,collagen and more. 

On the other hand, prolonged sleep deprivation increases the risk of health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Without enough sleep, people are more likely toovereat and choose unhealthy foods. 

Even if you’re not planning to join in on the festivities this year, these fitness facts are great to keep in mind during these next holiday-filled months. 

Remember: Losing your hard-earned progress at the gym is way scarier than the monster under your bed!

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