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5 Tips to Making Your Fitness Resolutions and Actually Keeping It

December 21, 2020 3 min read

5  Tips to Making Your Fitness Resolutions and Actually Keeping It

It is the New Year once again, the time where we reminisce about last year’s highlights, celebrate new beginnings, and set new goals. It is the time where everybody is highly motivated and inspired to start fresh and become the best versions of themselves.

Fitness resolutions are always in the mix of our list. And as cliche as it can be, it is also the most neglected and unkept. 

Here is a quick breakdown of 5 simple tips that can help you achieve and keep your fitness resolutions. 

1. SRP Resolution: Short, Realistic, and Precise.

Keep your resolutions short, realistic, and precise. 

It sure is exciting to write our aspirations but let us not get carried away and list an incredible and drowning amount of goals for the year. Remember that you are only one body and one mind. Keep it short!

Be realistic and precise: acknowledge where your body is at, and respect your starting point. From there, determine the things and activities that your body can handle. It is easier for our mind and body to process a goal when we know what we want to achieve, how to achieve it, and when set in realistic conditions. 

Always remember to be kind and patient with your body and start with small steps. 

2. The 21-day Road to Discipline 

I highly recommend learning the art of discipline. It is good to have motivation but as we all know, it wears out, and it is the discipline that gets us to do something. 

So how does the 21-day road to Discipline go?

Incorporate your SRP resolution/s with this method, schedule it to a 21-day streak plan, and set a reward for reaching the 21 days. Break the streak, start back to zero but reach the 21-day streak, a reward awaits, and a new goal or a healthy habit is achieved. 

  • Why schedule and plan? When something is properly scheduled, we have a higher possibility of achieving and remembering the task we need to do.
  • Why a 21-days streak? It only takes 21 days to build a habit. So try your best not to break it and let your goals grow on you. 

3. Get Support

Get a workout partner, immerse yourself with a good community of fitness enthusiasts, or maybe hire a trainer! 

One's fitness journey is never easy. It requires a lot of dedication and effort, and it can more often be stressful physically and emotionally. It would greatly help to have a support system to be there whenever we need that extra push to keep you going. 

4. Enjoy the process and have fun.

Choose exercises and programs that you personally like to keep your fitness journey fun and exciting, enjoy meeting the people in the gym, and celebrate your wins, small or big! 

Exercising can sometimes feel gruesome already, might as well make it fun! After all, nothing is better than doing something that makes you happy.

5. Do not give up

Have a mindset of a champion and never give up. When things get challenging and frustrating, remind yourself again why you are doing it and keep going. I swear, it is worth it. So don't quit, keep hustling!

So, there you have it. Five simple and effective ways to help you keep your resolutions.

One last reminder, set your goals high but remember to be kind and patient with yourself, stay focused and determined but also learn to enjoy and cherish the process, stay strong and persevere but also know when to rest. Don't aim for a new you, but a better and stronger you.  

Cheers to another fruitful year, legends!

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Aly Kawase

Aly Kawase is a health and fitness enthusiast. She grew up loving arts and the athletic/active lifestyle. From juggling studies and cheer in College, pursuing a career as a professional dancer, eventually venturing the fitness industry and social media. She is now an influencer in the Philippines, still passionate most especially with advocating for Body Positivity. All bodies are beautiful.

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