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Introducing VPA Cluster Dextrin

September 11, 2020 3 min read

Introducing VPA Cluster Dextrin-VPA Australia

VPA is excited to introduce Cluster Dextrin to our product range.

Cluster Dextrin is a new and more advanced carbohydrate fuel that could improve the way you fuel your training. It is the ideal pre- or intra- workout fuel to add to your supplement stack.

What is Cluster Dextrin?

Also known as Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin, Cluster Dextrin, is a more rapidly digested and absorbed carbohydrate. What sets Cluster Dextrin apart from other carbohydrate powders on the market is its chemical structure. Like maltodextrin, Cluster Dextrin is derived from corn, but it has a higher molecular weight, lower osmotic pressure and higher solubility. Because of these properties, Cluster Dextrin passes through the stomach more rapidly than other carbohydrate drinks. This means a reduced feeling of fullness and a faster yet more sustained release of energy. This translates to improved athletic performance.

What are the benefits of Cluster Dextrin?

Compared to other carbohydrate sources, Cluster Dextrin:

  1. Demonstrates faster gastric emptying times

One of the key issues that endurance athletes face is the ability to stomach food and liquid during training and events. Gastric discomfort can not only impede performance directly but can also limit the amount of fuel an athlete can take on. The faster gastric emptying times demonstrated by Cluster Dextrin may not only reduce discomfort, but could enable an athlete to take on more fuel per hour than they were previously able to.

  1. Enhances endurance performance

It makes logical sense that a decrease in gastric emptying times, and more sustained release of energy demonstrated by Cluster Dextrin is likely to lead to better athletic performance, and this is supported by research. Consuming Cluster Dextrin has been shown to lead to an increased time to exhaustion in elite swimmers when compared to a placebo (water) and glucose. It has also been linked to a decrease in rate of perceived exertion compared to other carbohydrates.  

Who should use Cluster Dextrin?

Cluster Dextrin is an ideal fuel for endurance athletes, both before and during exercise. However, it can also benefit those participating in other types of training. If you like to take an energy drink, sports drink, or any other carbohydrate source before training then you could benefit from taking Cluster Dextrin. Cluster Dextrin can be used in place of any pre-workout meal particularly if you are heading into a session knowing you haven’t eaten at all, or haven’t eaten enough.

When and how to take Cluster Dextrin

VPA Cluster Dextrin comes in a 260g bottle, containing 14, 20g serves. It also comes in two varieties, unflavoured and watermelon flavoured. The unflavoured version is ideal for people who might want to combine Cluster Dextrin with other products like a pre-workout or electrolytes.

When to take Cluster Dextrin

Taking 20g around 30 minutes before commencing exercise is ideal, however you can increase this to 30g if you feel it is necessary to fuel the training you are about to do.

During prolonged endurance exercise, consuming 30-90g of VPA Cluster Dextrin per hour is ideal. While other carbohydrate sources may limit the amount of fuel you can take on in an hour due to gastric discomfort, cluster dextrin, in having a rapid gastric emptying time, may mean you can take on more fuel than ever before.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about the best fuel source available. We’d love to hear what you think about Cluster Dextrin once you give it a go.

Sally Mitchell

Sally Mitchell (BSc, MHumNut) is a scientist, university qualified nutritionist and VPA staff member. She brings a nerdy love of numbers, data, and science wit her to VPA. Her favourite VPA product is coffee Breakfast Shake. She enjoys powerlifting and running but, sadly, does both poorly.

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