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Keeping active during winter

July 19, 2022 2 min read

Keeping active during winter

If the cold or winter conditions keep you from regular physical activity, you're not alone. Many of us know what It feels like waking up to your alarm going off and the wind howling or the rain pouring. For many of us, Aussies who are used to the warmer summer weather, often the mercury is hovering further south than we would like it to.

It's often safer, more comfortable and warmer in bed, and that's where many of us remain promising to be up at the crack of dawn the following day when the alarm goes off. However, the statistics are grim and physical activity is responsible for 11% of Australia's coronary artery disease burden and around 15% of other associated diseases.

Staying active throughout winter is not only a way to warm yourself up during winter but also a way to beat heart disease and other health conditions. Physical activity shouldn't be seen as an obstacle but rather an opportunity for health.

If you want to avoid the doom and gloom or cold associated with exercising outdoors during winter, the obvious solution is to exercise indoors. With all that we learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, thinking logistically to overcome barriers to face-to-face services has brought rise to more commonality of telehealth and online health care services being offered over the computer. With this, a whole host of different onlineprograms and technologies have come about:

  • Join in on YouTube workouts like a walk at home - Aerobics Down Under or Aerobics Oz style and keep warm whilst exercising in the comfort of your home.
  • Staircases in the home can be a useful tool for keeping active indoors. Download a metronome app on your I-phone or tablet and set a step cadence specific to your fitness levels.
  • If you are working from home, attempt to break up periods of prolonged sitting every 20-30 minutes, where possible, through a brisk walk around the house.

With structured exercise, it's always important to warm up first. However, this is even more important during the colder winter months.

  • Make sure you dress appropriately for the conditions, and gloves or a beanie may be suitable options if required.
  • If you plan to exercise during the week, you take some time to evaluate the weather and conditions and schedule your days accordingly.
  • Try to get outdoors, make the most of sunnier days, and save the colder, wet weather for exercising indoors.

Exercise isn't always easy during winter; however, it's well worth the effort from a health perspective. If you are already living with a chronic health condition, consult your general practitioner to ask them about getting a team care arrangements to plan where you can book a consultation with an accredited exercise physiologist either online via telehealth or face to face. Visit essa.org.au -https://www.essa.org.au/find-aep/ to find a practitioner in your local area for an exercise program to help you keep active during the colder months.



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