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Success with SMART goal setting

September 15, 2023 2 min read

Success with SMART goal setting-VPA Australia

SMARTis an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. It's a widely used framework for setting and achieving goals effectively. Let's break down each component of SMART goal planning: 


Your goal should be clear and well-defined. Avoid vague or general goals. Ask yourself the following questions to make your goal specific:

  • What exactly do I want to accomplish?
  • Why is this goal important?
  • Who is involved?
  • Where will it happen?
  • What are the constraints or limitations?

Example of a specific goal:"I want to lose 20 pounds by following a balanced diet and exercising regularly over the next six months."


You should be able to track your progress and measure your success. Include specific criteria or metrics to quantify your goal.

  • How will you measure your progress?
  • How will you know when you've achieved your goal?

Example of a measurable goal: "I will track my weight each week and aim to lose 1-2 pounds per week until I reach a total weight loss of 20 pounds."


Your goal should be realistic and attainable given your current circumstances and resources. It should challenge you but not be so far-fetched that it's impossible to reach. 

  • Is this goal possible for me to achieve? 

  • Do I have the necessary resources and support? 

Example of an achievable goal:"Given my current schedule and access to a gym, I can realistically commit to exercising for 30 minutes, five days a week." 


Your goal should align with your values, long-term objectives, and be relevant to your life. Ensure that it makes sense within the broader context of your personal or professional aspirations.

  • Does this goal match my other goals and objectives?
  • Is it the right time for me to pursue this goal?

Example of a relevant goal: "Losing weight and improving my fitness are relevant to my long-term health and well-being goals."


Set a specific timeframe for when you want to achieve your goal. This adds a sense of urgency and helps you stay focused.

  • When do you want to achieve this goal?
  • What is the deadline?

Example of a time-bound goal:"I will lose 20 pounds within the next six months, starting today."

By applying the SMART method, you can transform vague or abstract desires into well-defined and achievable objectives. It also helps you stay motivated and track your progress effectively as you work toward your goals. Remember to review and adjust your goals periodically to stay on track and adapt to changing circumstances. 

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