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VPA's Summer Essentials

December 27, 2022 3 min read

VPA's Summer Essentials

It's a new year and the heat is on. To help you maximise your gains this summer, we've put together a guide of VPA® Summer Essentials; the must-have products you'll be needing this season.


Our first summer essential is VPA® ready-to-drink Protein Water. With 30g of protein per serve, these refreshing drinks contain WPI which is quickly absorbed by the body to promote muscle tissue growth and recovery. Not to mention, they come in two mouth-watering flavours and have less than 1g of fat and carbohydrates.

If you prefer to mix up your own protein water to suit your taste, try our powdered protein water which contains WPI, collagen, BCAAs and electrolytes. Not only does it support rapid muscle recovery, but it also ensures maximum hydration for peak performance.


Summer FOMOTMis VPA®' new and improved fat burner which contains a range of ingredients to increase metabolism, boost energy levels and supress hunger.

The green tea extract and caffeine have a thermogenic effect, meaning that they promote fat burning to help you achieve that summer bod. Caffeine also increases reaction time and boosts energy levels to help you get the most from your workout. You'll also find L-carnitine which helps the body to burn fat more efficiently.

Summer FOMOTM also contains acacia fibre which absorbs water making you feel fuller for longer. In this way, it can assist in suppressing hunger and aid weight loss. Of course, VPA® recommends taking Summer FOMO in conjuction with a healthy diet and training program.


When hitting the gym this summer, do it in style with VPA®' Crew Socks. With a cushioned toe and heel for ultimate comfort, a high crew sock fit, and jacquared VPA® logos on both sides, you'll be turning heads in these babies.


If you're after a quick and easy breakfast this summer you can't go past VPA® Protein Pancake Mix. These pancakes are packed with over 26g of protein per serve, MCT for energy and psyllium husk for healthy digestion. Available in two delicious flavours, whether you top them with fresh fruit, yoghurt, or syrup, you are sure to love these!


Another summer essential is VPA® WRKOUT Energy Drinks. Available in three energizing flavours, these drinks are packed full of functional ingredients to enhance physical performance, support muscle recovery, and aid mental focus.

Consumed prior to exercise, VPA® WRKOUT contains L-tyrosine to increase mental focus, caffeine for energy, and taurine to assist with muscle function and endurance. You'll also find BCAAs for rapid muscle repair and no fat, carbohydrates or sugar. Supercharge your workout with WRKOUT!


Finally, if you're looking to build lean muscle this bikini season, try VPA® Creatine Monohydrate. Creatine is used by muscle cells to rapidly produce energy during high-intensity and resistance exercise. For this reason, it's popular among athletes to improve performance, increase strength and power output, and to build muscle mass.

Whether you're lapping the pool or hitting the gym this summer, do it with VPA®. With products designed to support muscle growth and recovery, promote fat burning, increase hydration, and maximise gains. You can't go wrong with these VPA® summer essentials!

Nothing looks as good this summer as being healthy feels!

Sarah Ham

Sarah is a food technologist at VPA where she creates new and exciting products, and ensures that all VPA products are made to a superior standard. She is passionate about health, food, and her dachshunds.

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