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Stand out from the Rest: Introducing our New Look

March 31, 2023 3 min read

Stand out from the Rest: Introducing our New Look


This year, expect delicious new flavours, new product names, and a fresh, bold, new look to your favourite premium quality VPA® products that is sure to stand out from the rest.  

VPA® aims to re-ignite customer’s excitement for life and new beginnings by embracing ecstatic colours while featuring playful and bright elements that create a confident and fearless impression for your every endeavor in sports, fitness, and well-being.  


Whey Protein Isolate - 19
Premium Whey (WPC) - 22



Don’t be fooled by our bold new look, some elements of familiarity are still in place. With large flavour imagery still prominent in the front of each bag, it is still easy to spot your favourite flavours from across the room.  

The flavours you love are still made with only the highest quality ingredients and we have continued to maintain strict quality control standards for every product.

Our new packaging is not only visually appealing, but it is also functional. The resealable zipper makes it easy to keep your product fresh, and the stand-up design makes it easy to display on store shelves. We are confident that our new look will be a hit and we can't wait to see some snaps of them with you very soon!  


With a fresh new look comes fresh and new product names that are sure to stand out in the market. We have renamed some of your favourite products at VPA® and you can expect to see them up on the store very soon.

To name a few, your favourite Pre-30 Pre-Workoutwill now be introduced as Gold Coast Stim and BCAA 7000 will be renamed to Bussin!
(no explanation needed here 😉)


Send us a snap, tag us, and use the hashtag #vpaaustralia to be featured on the gram.


With the new packaging, will I be receiving the same products as before?

Yes, we guarantee this is the same product made with the samehigh-quality ingredients and we have continued to maintain strict quality control standards for every product in our new packaging. 

Are there any changes to the packaging quality?

No. It is the exact same strong, moisture-resistant material with proper zip seals. 

Why aren’t all our bags changing immediately?

We want to transition to our new packaging without having to throw out tons of rubbish as this would be against our ethos. So, please bear with us as we finish up with our previous packaging and transition to our bold new look. 

When will the rollout be complete?

We envisage approximately 4 months to have all products rolled out in our new packaging. 

I received the old bag. Does this mean the product is going to expire soon?

Absolutely not. All our proteins have a 24-month expiry date from manufactured date. 

I’m a VPA® stockist. Can I swap all my bags over?

Unfortunately not. We cannot swap old and new bags due to cost of transportation. 

But I’ve received some bags in both old and new packaging?

Yes, as for the above. We will not bethrowing out old stock, in line with our environmental policy. 

Is VPA® packaging recyclable?

Yes, the majority of it is.VPA Australia is an environmentally conscious company. Our plastic bottles and scoops can be put into your usual recycling bin. Our cardboard boxes are recyclable and compostable and we now use biodegradable cornstarch mailing bags.  For more information on how to recycle your VPA packaging. Read our blog article here.

Jp Toledo

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