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Sample VPA Protein & Supplements for Free!

May 08, 2020 2 min read

Sample VPA Protein & Supplements for Free!

Deciding which protein powder and sports supplement brand to go with means is an important choice. Especially when there are so many brands out there to choose from! There are heaps of things consider when making your choice like quality, taste, flavours, product range, and reviews. And we know making your decision can be overwhelming. We want to make it easier for you to try our products by offering free VPA protein and supplement samples. Your journey begins here.

With years of experience providing the best supplements to the some of the best athletes in Australia, we applaud anyone who is a beginner at their sport or simply taking a bold step towards a healthier lifestyle. Cheers to you!

At VPA Australia, we offer a wide range of protein powders and supplements with tons of delicious flavours to choose from! If you are not too sure what you need and are new to supplements, we find that beginning with the end in mind helps us point you to the right direction. What is your goal?

How do I get free protein samples?

We have over 60 different samples for you to choose from. You can breeze through the list and complete the form we have here.

By answering the form, we will automatically create an account for you on our website which means you’re now part of the VPA fam!

This enables you to receive our lovely weekly newsletters that come bearing amazing news like new product releases, discount codes, and useful health tips and more.

It’s not just free protein samples of offer either! We also have FREE!

Free Pre-workout samples

BCAAs samples

Free protein water samples

Meal replacement samples

How long does it take for my free samples to arrive?

It should take around 5-10 working days for your samples to get to you depending on your location in Australia.

All of the free samples will come from our Brisbane warehouses so they are not delivered as quickly as our paid orders.

How often can I receive free samples?

Free trials are great, but not as good as the real thing *wink*. But we love that you asked!

You may get our free samples once every 3 months, provided that you’ve placed an order in-between your prior sample and the current.

I love the samples! How can I help spread the word??

We love hearing this! It gets us every. single. time! (not kidding!) There are plenty of ways for you to help us spread the word and love out there.

  1. Rate the products you’ve tried out by getting into your account.
  2. Join the rest of our lovely fans and drop us a sweet review at Product Review to help others make an awesome choice of choosing VPA!

More questions about our free samples? Read here.

Kathleen Belleza

Kathleen Belleza is an Advertising major graduate from the Philippines and is the social media guru at VPA. She loves to write and create content. Convinced by her own research and writing, she is now working out too. (Thank god!)

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