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Celebrating the Amazing Women who make VPA

March 06, 2023 5 min read

Celebrating the Amazing Women who make VPA

This Wednesday 8th March 2023, marks 112 years since the first International Women’s Day. So, we thought, why not celebrate the women who help to make VPA® Australia an amazing place to work and provide you, our customers, with high quality tasty supps. 

We are a diverse group of women, from different backgrounds, interests, sporting ability and education but together we make a formidable team. Let’s meet some of these women: 


This Advertising Major Graduate is the one who pops emails into your inbox every week updating you on all the VPA® news. Her creative flair is shown through her passion to write and create content. Her drive for learning new things about health and fitness is evident in the content she creates.   

Favourite VPA® Products: 

Protein Water in Sour Worms, Protein Bars, GABA 

Health/Fitness Goal:   

I've fallen in love with strength training because of VPA®. I started out with the social media manager role and absolutely loved the passion and drive everyone had in the fitness community. And when you're daily programming is as lively and supportive as the VPA® Fam, you dive right in. This year however, I'm switching up my routine and training for a focus on endurance. I'm learning all the ways to optimise and listen to my body for a good long run. I plan to run my first 1/2 marathon this year. Let's go get it!! 

Protein Bars


Our Events Coordinator barely needs any introduction. This fun-loving character is the face of our VPA®TikTok's and IG Stories. Caitlin has the ability to have a chat and make everyone feel at ease, it’s a trait everyone here admires. Her love for the gym has been instrumental in some of the new VPA® accessories you will be seeing during 2023 *wink wink*.

Favourite VPA® Products:

As the famous motto goes, “Keep it Simple, Stupid!”, this is also the logic I apply to my supps routine. I use 3 main supps, being: WPI (Vanilla and Salted Caramel), Creatine and Venom® Pre-Workout (Sour Watermelon)  

Health/Fitness Goal:

I am very much a gym rat as they say. I have been working out since I was 18 years old. Initially, I started my fitness journey because I was insecure of how my body looked. My original goal was weight loss, which I actually didn't achieve so to say. Throughout my training journey, I fell in love with the process of building muscle and seeing just how strong I could become. I have completely changed my body composition - increasing my muscle mass and decreasing my fat mass significantly. I am now training to take my physique to the next level and naturally compete in the Wellness division at ICN in Season B, 2023. 

VENOM® Pre-workout


Joanne is one of our friendly Customer Service Team. Chances are if you’ve contacted us via phone, email or chat Joanne is the helpful person on the other end of the line. Her quick and accurate responses ensure our customers receive exceptional Customer Service. 

Favourite VPA® Products:

Summer FomoTM, L-carnitine, WPI Rainbow Ice Cream and Collagen Pro® 

Health/Fitness Goal:

I have worked in the Health and Fitness Industry for a number of years but VPA® has changed the way I view health and fitness. I have been inspired on my weight loss journey because of the 8 Week Challenges VPA® has run and seeing the results our customers have achieved following the workouts and meal plans. As a result, I have started to build up my own home gym with various equipment including dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells. 

Whey Isolate


One of the critical behind the scenes women is Gladys who heads up our Finance Department. Not only does she pay the bills (we all need someone who can do that!). Her tenacity and ability to network ensures we can secure the highest quality ingredients at the best possible prices to make the tastiest supps money can buy. 

Favourite VPA® Products:

I love our Lean Shake Plus Meal Replacement because I don't have the luxury of time to enjoy breakfast due to work and preparing the kids for school. I also love the Harmony Tea because it makes me relax at night after doing work and chores the whole day. 

Health/Fitness Goal:   

I don't have a daily exercise routine because I only have enough time for work, chores and the kids. When time permits, I enjoy getting out on my bike with my favourite tunes playing. 

Lean Shake Plus (Meal Replacement)


Hard working, precise, versatile and methodical are only a few of the words one could use to describe Marie. As the Business Development Manager, Marie is the first point of call for all new stockists. While she does an amazing job expanding the reach of VPA®, you can count on her to wear different hats at work as she's thorough and reliable and can get anything done. 

Favourite VPA® Products:

I'm mainly using 3 products as my goal is to lose weight. Summer FOMOTM is my favourite, I really love the flavour and it really helps with hunger/metabolism. I'm also adding L-Carnitine to the mixture for optimal result. I also like the Lean Shake meal replacement as it tastes really good and keeps you full until your next meal. 

Health/Fitness Goal:   

Starting a fitness journey has never been easy. I tend to get too lazy to move and complain after 10-15 mins in the gym. I decided to take it one step at a time. I've started with walking 10 minutes per day for the first two weeks and will be adding more activities/exercise routine as days goes by. 



Our esteemed leader in daily business operations. There is nothing this woman can't do. She’s done nearly every job in VPA® and knows the running of this business like the back of her hand. She’s innovative, progressive and problem solver extraordinaire. To be led by such a woman is a privilege. 

Favourite VPA® Products:

I love all our ready to go products, especially the Protein Water RTD and Protein Bars. My day gets really busy as a mum and working at VPA® so not having to worry about mixing up my supps and washing shakers is a big plus. On top of that, I also like to add Collagen Pro® in my daily coffee and ZMA6 after workouts. 

Health/Fitness Goal:   

My goal is to incorporate more exercises in my workouts. Right now, I’m doing a lot of quick 10-15min exercises to get the blood pumping but I’ve always wanted to tone up and do more weight training. I also love running and love seeing myself improve in terms of distance and endurance. I’m hoping to join my very first marathon this year. A quote that I live by is “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” 

ZMA6 Recovery

As the saying says behind every great manthereis an even greater woman, well Sven is one lucky guy to be surrounded byall these amazing women who help to grow and improve the company we all love – VPA!!! 

Anna Timms

Anna Timms (BSc) is a university qualified scientist and VPA staff member. Her favourite VPA product is Sour Worms Protein Water.

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