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The Complete Guide to Maltodextrin: What is Maltodextrin, and how Safe is it?

October 07, 2021 5 min read

The Complete Guide to Maltodextrin: What is Maltodextrin, and how Safe is it?

Many people are now looking for a healthier and lighter-weight alternative to sugar for their favourite foods and drinks, which their research might lead to Maltodextrin. But what is Maltodextrin, and is it safe?


Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate used as a food additive. It is often included in sports and energy drinks as a cheaper and easily digestible alternative to sugar.


Learn more about what Maltodextrin is, its benefits, the side effects when taken in high amounts, and how it can improve your performance! Read on.

What are the Benefits of Using Maltodextrin as a Sports Performance Carb Source?


Ordinary people have been taking Maltodextrin without even recognizing that it's part of their daily diet. They are not aware of their benefits, but athletes and gym-goers have been aware of what it can provide. They know that they get a lot of benefits from it.


Here are a couple of advantages that one can get from the correct intake of this supplement:

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Great source of fuel for athletes


Maltodextrin is a great source of fuel for athletes because it can be quickly broken down in the intestine and absorbed by the body without digested, giving an athlete fuel and energy when they need it. The best thing about Maltodextrin is that it provides the body with energy without any fat or cholesterol.

High Glycemic Index


Glycemic index is a measure of how quickly a food causes a rise in blood sugar levels. Foods with a high glycemic index cause a rapid and large increase in blood sugar, while foods with a low glycemic index cause only a small and gradual increase in blood sugar.


It is good that Maltodextrin has a high glycemic index because it helps to increase energy levels and maintain stable blood glucose levels when taken incorrectly.



Maltodextrin is flavourless. This means that it can be used in a range of foods and drinks. It's perfect for anything as you would hardly know it's there.

Help athletes feel full faster


When you consume Maltodextrin with water or milk, Maltodextrin will make you feel full and satisfied with less volume of food in your stomach. The benefit of this product is that athletes can eat less and still feel like they had a substantial meal that will keep them going for hours on end.


Please take note that not all Maltodextrin supplements are made equally, so it's always best to go with a trusted brand. Here are other benefits that you can get fromVPA® Maltodextrin:





100% Maltodextrin is the only ingredient we use, which makes VPA® Maltodextrin lactose-free. Lactose intolerant individuals would not experience any upset stomach.




We want to emphasize that we only use 100% maltodextrin, making our Maltodextrin gluten-free.

Side Effects and Dangers of Excessive Maltodextrin Consumption


Maltodextrin is broadly used in processed food manufacturing to enhance its sweetness and reduce the calories content. Because of this, excessive consumption of Maltodextrin can cause problems in the body. In excess, it can lead to the following issues:




The ingestion of too much Maltodextrin is one of the factors that can trigger diabetes. Too much of it will cause excessive blood sugar levels after eating, which can lead to metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance linked to Type 2 diabetes. People who already have diabetes are cautioned against taking this supplement as it can cause a spike in blood sugar levels.



There are two reasons why Maltodextrin causes obesity. First, it can be addictive to some people, so they eat more.


Second, it is not often broken down in the body, and because of this, it gets stored in fat cells where it converts back into sugar and causes an insulin spike. This happens when you only intake it without working out.


This supplement is meant to give you a jolt of energy to exercise and not for regular consumption only.


Jitters and nausea


Some of the most common side effects of too much Maltodextrin are jitters and nausea. Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate that is used in many protein powders because it can rapidly turn into sugar when digested. Too much Maltodextrin can cause your body to release insulin, making you feel jittery and sick.


Maltodextrin has also been shown to cause a spike in blood sugar levels, making you feel dizzy and nauseous over time. The more maltodextrin powder you take, the worse this effect will be.




Constipation can be caused by too much Maltodextrin consumption. This can happen when you are on a diet that restricts certain foods but has carbohydrates for energy or consuming too many drinks containing Maltodextrin.


High consumption of Maltodextrin - commonly found in processed food - can cause constipation by upsetting the balance between fluids and fibre in your diet.

Kidney issues


Too much Maltodextrin can also cause kidney issues. It does this by accumulating excess water in the body, which leads to swollen feet, puffiness, high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels.


To avoid these side effects, it is better to follow a strict diet plan that balances the intake of Maltodextrin with other foods like proteins and fats. In general,Maltodextrin is safe when one takes in the right amount. It is also good to consult a physician before taking any supplements to ensure that it is compatible with you.

How to Safely Consume This Gluten-free White Powder as a Sports Nutrition Supplement


You will take full advantage of Maltodextrin in your diet as long as you include it in your daily carbohydrate count. When unsure, check your glucose more often when taking this supplement. This is advisable when it comes to taking in other brands for Maltodextrin since different brands would advise different measurements.


For VPA® Maltodextrin, we recommend that you add one scoop (equivalent to 40g) of maltodextrin powder to 300ml of water, low-fat milk or juice. Make sure that it has dissolved well before you consume it. You can take them before, during or after your workout.

The most common food products with Maltodextrin


● Rice

● Pasta

● Cereals

● Salad dressings

● Sports and energy drinks


Maltodextrin is a substance, which will help you support your weight loss goals. It has proven to be effective in promoting weight management and muscle growth.


There are many ways that Maltodextrin can be used for both athletes and non-athletes alike. The benefits of Maltodextrin are vast and varied. Still, the main reason for its popularity among bodybuilders is its ability to boost performance while also preventing muscle catabolism after workouts.


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