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How to build your grip strength

September 16, 2023 3 min read

How to build your grip strength-VPA Australia

Having a strong grip is not only essential for athletes but also for everyday tasks and overall hand health. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the importance of grip strength, various exercises to strengthen your grip, training techniques, and tips for enhancing grip strength. So, let's dive in!

Importance of Grip Strength

Strong grip strength has numerous benefits. It improves sports performance, allowing you to excel in activities like rock climbing, tennis, golf, and weightlifting. Additionally, grip strength is vital for everyday tasks such as carrying groceries or opening jars. It also contributes to overall hand health, reducing the risk of common hand and wrist injuries.

As you age, grip strength tends to decline. However, building and maintaining grip strength can help you age more gracefully and maintain your independence for longer.

Understanding Grip Strength

Grip strength refers to the force produced by the muscles in your hand and forearm. It is measured using different types of grips: crush grip, pinch grip, and support grip. Crush grip involves squeezing an object, pinch grip involves pinching between your thumb and fingers, and support grip refers to holding onto an object for an extended period.

Exercises for Grip Strength

To improve your grip strength, incorporate the following exercises into your routine:


This compound exercise targets the muscles of your grip while simultaneously working your entire body.

Farmer's Walks:

Holding heavy weights and walking for a distance, challenges your grip strength

Wrist Curls:

This exercise targets the muscles responsible for wrist flexion and extension, strengthening your grip.

Hanging Exercises:

Hanging from a bar or using gymnastic rings engages your grip and improves forearm strength.

Progressive Overload:

Progressive overload is crucial for continuous grip strength gains. Gradually increase the difficulty of your exercises by adding weight, increasing the duration of holds, or using thicker grips. This progression ensures that your muscles are constantly challenged, leading to growth and increased strength.

Grip Strength Training Tools

These are several tools and equipment can enhance your grip strength:

  • Grip Trainers: These devices specific ally target grip strength and come in various resistance levels.
  • Hand Grippers: Hand grippers provide resistance when squeezed, targeting your crush grip.
  • Grip Balls: Squeezing grip balls helps improve your overall grip strength.
  • Grip Rings: These circular rings provide a challenging grip workout, targeting different muscles in your hand and forearm.

Grip Strength Training Techniques

Incorporate these techniques into your grip strength workouts:

  • Timed Holds: Hold onto a heavy object or a thick bar for a specified duration to increase grip endurance.
  • Fat Grip Training: Using thicker grips, such as Fat Gripz, increases the demand on your grip muscles.
  • Plate Pinches: Pinch weight plates together using your fingertips, challenging your pinch grip.

Grip Strength for Specific Sports

Grip strength plays a crucial role in various sports. To improve grip strength for specific sports, consider these tips:

  • Rock Climbing: Incorporate hangboard training and finger-strength exercises.
  • Tennis: Use specialized grip trainers and practice gripping and releasing the racket repeatedly.
  • Golf: Perform exercises targeting the muscles of the forearm and wrist, such as wrist curls and pronation/supination movements.
  • Weightlifting: Utilize thick barbells or grip trainers to improve your grip during lifts.

Injury Prevention

Building grip strength can help prevent common hand and wrist injuries. Perform exercises and stretches that specifically target the muscles and tendons involved in grip strength, such as wrist flexion and extension exercises, forearm stretches, and wrist rotations. Prioritise proper form and listen to your body to avoid overuse injuries.


Building grip strength is crucial for overall hand health, sports performance, and everyday tasks. By understanding the importance of grip strength, incorporating effective exercises, and training techniques, and avoiding common mistakes, you can achieve significant improvements in your grip strength.

Remember to consult with professionals and listen to your body throughout your grip strength training journey. Start incorporating these strategies today and experience the benefits of stronger hands!

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