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Edit : 19/03/2020 this page was created as satire before the complete reality to Covid-19 was apparent. We did not mean to offend.


The coronavirus shouldn’t stop you from getting those gains! Here are a few quick tips on how to avoid it while at the gym.

Coronavirus prevention


  • BYO toilet paper, wear a face mask, avoid making out with others, don’t drink Corona whilst training + other real tips
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Bring your own toilet paper

  • We all know that gyms are going to run out of dunny roll this flu season, so unless you want to get poop on your gym towel, then it’s essential to bring your own toilet paper.

Wear a face mask

  • If you can’t get your hands on a face mask, buy an altitude training mask. Not only will you sound and look like Darth Vader but you’ll also be protected from smelling the farts of your mates.

Avoid making out with other gym goers

  • This sounds tempting but is a definitely no-go during flu season especially with the coronavirus. The pash and dash is definitely only recommended during Summer months.

Don’t drink Corona during your gym session

  • This has nothing to do with Coronavirus, but it will make your gym sessions a bit fuzzy. You may seem funnier and have increased dancing ability but it’s probably not worth the injury risk. Try our BCAA 7000 instead as a delicious intra-workout drink. 😉
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