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Exercises to improve muscle synergy, co-ordination and mobility

December 20, 2021 2 min read

Exercises to improve muscle synergy, co-ordination and mobility

Mobility involves specific exercises that will increase your range of motion and your stabilisation, or control of muscles surrounding the joint. Flexibility mainly relates to the amount of range of motion at the joint, whilst mobility relates to the strength throughout that range or the ability of your limbs to move through a range of controlled movements.Mobility aims to prevent injury and improve strength through a specific range of motion

Below are 3 simple mobility exercises that can be performed with minimal equipment.  

          1. Supine Band Pullovers - In a supine lying position with thera-band tied to pole or sturdy object behind your body, keeping the arms straight grab the band from above the head and pull the arms down keeping the shoulder back and chest out.

          2. Inchworms – Bring your hands to the floor keeping your legs straight, walk your body out until you are parallel with the ground. With elbows extended hold for a brief moment before walking the hands back and standing up straight.

          3. Frog Pose into Deep Squat – Standing with feet just slightly outside shoulder width, sit back into squat and spread knees apart. Walk your hands forward along the floor in front of you and hold for a second before moving back into the deep squat position.

Muscle synergy involves that muscles rarely work in isolation, they are recruited by the nervous system and work in groups to perform specific movements or functions. The motion at joints is caused by muscles pulling on bone. An example of muscle synergy is seen through extension of the shoulder, for instance the supine band pullovers above. During this movement the Latissimus Dorsi, teres major, posterior deltoid all work synergistically to perform the movement pattern.

Utilising multi joint or multiplanar movements improves the nervous system’s ability properly recruit muscles in a synergistic manner, improving co-ordination and subsequent carrying over into activities of daily living (ADL’s) enhancing an individual’s movement capabilities and ultimately their quality of life.

Co-ordination is associated with proprioception, or your awareness of your body and movements. Improving this attribute can assist with both static and dynamic balance making everyday tasks a lot easier and helping you in remaining independent throughout your life. Below are three simple strategies to challenge your co-ordination and balance.

  • Performing activities like single leg balancing with your eyes closed can be one example of how to challenge your coordination or proprioception.

  • If you have a dominant and non-dominant side, try catching a tennis ball in your left hand if you are right-handed whilst performing a single leg balance. This is another variation to challenge your proprioception and specifically hand eye coordination.

  • Attempting to learn a new dance routine, or attending a group exercise class is another fantastic way to improve your bodies proprioception and co-ordination ability! The brain is required to co-ordinate various full body movements in synchrony with the music or group instructor. Not only is this another great way to challenge co-ordination and proprioception, but also a unique and fun way to keep active and fit.

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