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Our supps have a new look!

July 31, 2023 3 min read

Our supps have a new look!-VPA Australia

“New Me, 2023” is VPA’s focus this year and it not only applies to our minds and bodies but also to our products! You may have noticed that some of your favourite VPA products have had a littlemake-over, along with an introduction to some new delicious flavours. 

This month, we are thrilled to bring you our new Pre-30and BCAA 7000! This exciting update not only elevates your customer experience, but also showcases our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and innovation. We can't wait for you to try out our new products. 

Pre-30 is now Gold Coast (GC) Stim

With the same greatformulationthat you know and love,Pre-30 now goes by the name of GC Stim.Taking inspiration from the Gold Coast skylineandPre-30s stimulatory effects,the nameGC Stimwas formed. 

GC Stim is a pre-workout supplement made of high-quality ingredients including creatineandAAKG toimprove exercise performance, increase strength and build muscle mass.It also has beta alanine and caffeine to boost energy levels and increasereaction time,andcitrulline malate to increase nitric oxide (NO) levels for better pumps, endurance and reduced muscle soreness.You’ll also findL-tyrosine for laser focus and B vitamins for energy production. 

Whether you’re a high-level athlete, chasing gains at the gym orjust looking for that extra edge, accomplish them all with our new look pre-workout GC Stim. Not to mentionthatit’s available in some excitingnew flavours! 

BCAA 7000 is now BUSSIN'

Formerly known as BCAA 7000, BUSSIN is the newly titled intra-workout on the block. With the same high-quality ingredients, formulation, and benefits as before, this supp is so damn good we just had to call it how it is, BUSSIN! 

BUSSIN is primarily made up oftheamino acids L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine which play an important role in protein synthesis and fast muscle recovery. It also contains citrulline malate whichas mentionedmayincreaseNO levels in the body,allowing more blood and nutrients to reach muscles. BUSSIN also containsL-glutamine to help maintain muscle mass during strenuous workout sessions andtoimproveoverallathletic performance. 

Support your body to optimise performance and prevent muscle breakdown during training by supplementing with our intra-workout BUSSIN. 

Watch out for any new flavours to be released soon!  

So, don’t be fooled by the new look, GC Stim and BUSSIN are the same great products you know and love just with a slightly new appearance. They will still give you the muscle and athletic support that you need to pump out those gains. 


Send us a snap, tag us, and use the hashtag #vpaaustralia to be featured on the gram.


Why aren’t all products changed immediately?

We want to transition to our new packaging without having to throw out tons of rubbish as this would be against our ethos. So, please bear with us as we finish up with our previous packaging and transition to our bold new look. 

When will the roll-out be complete?

We estimate complete roll-out for the new GC Stim and BUSSIN packaging by end of the year. 

I received the old packaging. Does this mean the product is going to expire soon?

Absolutely not. All our proteins have a 24-month expiry date from manufactured date. 

I’m a VPA stockist. Can I swap BCAA 7000 and PRE-30 products over

Unfortunately not. We cannot swap old and new products due to cost of transportation. 

But I’ve received both old and new packaging?

Yes, as for the above. We will not be throwing out old stock, in line with our environmental policy. 

Is VPA packaging recyclable?

Yes, the majority of itis. VPA Australia is an environmentally conscious company. Our plastic bottles and scoops can be put into your usual recycling bin. Our cardboard boxes are recyclable and compostable and we now use biodegradable cornstarch mailing bags. For more information on how to recycle your VPA packaging. Readourblog article here. 

Sarah Ham

Sarah is a food technologist at VPA where she creates new and exciting products, and ensures that all VPA products are made to a superior standard. She is passionate about health, food, and her dachshunds.

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